VH1 Taping - Sept 12th, 04

The last three finalists for Keith Partridge & Shirley's grand entrance.

David, Shirley and Danny.  Hav'in a ball. Just do'in a number! 

This is James Snyder, from Sacramento, Calif.
He was one of the five finalists for the role of Keith.
Sadly, he got cut in the next round. Shirley told me that he
looks so much like her son Shaun Cassidy when he was twenty.

I had the pleasure of meeting each of the contestants and I truly love them all.
I would not want to be a judge!
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View all eight original contestants for each role


To view some candid shots of Shirley, David and Danny from the
October 3rd taping click on this fabulous new photograph of Shirley.

From the October 3rd - Battle of the Shirleys episode

Shirley went bowling with the ladies & Danny took them horseback riding.

The 2 final Danny's were announced. Congratulations to Keaton and Spencer!

David rehearsing "I Think I Love You" & Shirley announcing the singing competition.

Tribune Studios on Sunset Blvd. is an impressive place.
The inside is not only functional but pleasant and I can understand why
everyone working there is so relaxed and friendly.

The Dressing Rooms.

A few pictures taken in Shirley's dressing room. These were not taken with my professional camera.

This shot of Shirley's dressing room coffee table & flowers
was taken by me with the Canon Digital.


Before the taping began.
A shot of the stage area where The Fabulous Partridge Family Band performed.
Shirley's son Ryan Cassidy helping out on stage. Ryan was with his lovely girlfriend
Kathryn. Two of Shirley's adorable grandkids Cole and Jack (Pat and Melissa's boys)
came by to give Grandma a big hug before the show. Shirley was beaming with pride!
(Sorry folks, the families would rather I not post the kids & I respect their wishes)

David Cassidy and Danny Bonaduce were running around backstage having a great time with
the whole experience. Danny's wife Gretchen was in the audience. It was a very festive atmosphere.

Some of the Keith contestants rehearsing.



These are my favorite shots of Shirley from rehearsal and during the taping.
She's pictured with host Todd Newton and Danny Bonaduce.
It's clear by that look on her face that this is an enjoyable experience for her.
Shirley lost ten pounds while performing on Broadway in "42nd Street".
She said that at first it was hard to do so many shows a week, but that by the end
of the run she was really feeling great. She wants to stay busy.
That's very good news for all of us too!

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