Television Night
at the Hollywood Bowl

The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences "Emmy Week" began at the bowl on 
Sunday Night, August 26th, 2001

The benefit at the 17,383 seat open-air amphitheater
helped raise money for the academy's education program and
the Archives of American Television.

Connie Stevens, Mary Tyler Moore, Shirley Jones, 
Marion Ross, Johnny Crawford, John Astin.
Front Row: Kelsey Grammer and Florence Henderson.
Ja'net Dubois and Amy Keys should have posed for this photo also.
They must have been busy on another part of the stage at that time.

Mary, Florence, Marion. Ja'net and John


Rehearsing under the bowl. The dressing rooms are down below the stage.
It's rather cavernous and the rooms are not all that big. 

Kelsey and Shirley sing the very end of the
"The Mary Tyler Moore Show" theme,
while Mary tosses an imaginary hat into the air.

Some fans saw film clips from this event on local news broadcasts.
 Hopefully the show was taped for possible release on video tape.

Kelsey Grammer opened the audience sing-along
with a few words, then he introduced the stars as The choral counselors
One by one, each well known celebrity filed out as he called their name.

The empty amphitheatre about eight hours before the performance.

The sing-along began with "Those Were The Days"  ("All In the Family") 
in tribute to actor Carroll O'Conner, who passed away not long ago.
 Other TV themes for the evening were Howdy Doody, The Mickey Mouse Club,
Sesame Street, The Addams Family, 77 Sunset Strip, Hawaiian Eye, 
The Brady Bunch, Love Is all Around, The Ballad Of Davy Crockett,
Movin' On Up, The Partridge Family, Happy Days 
and a final reprise of Those Were The Days.

Shirley and Connie - With Marion, Johnny & Florence - Florence solos Brady theme.

Mary Tyler Moore brought her adorable little dog.
She is a rescue puppy.

Marion and Shirley rehearsing their theme songs.

Shirley and Marion Ross are such good friends. It was delightful to have 
the opportunity to talk with both Marion and her husband Paul. They are terrific!

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