"A  Speed Spoof"  

A few years ago the action flick "Speed"  was up for some awards. 
The MTV Awards brought together Shirley Jones, Danny Bonaduce 
and Dave Madden for a great take off on the film.

The Partridge Family Bus,
 Racing through Santa Monica, California with Shirley at the wheel and 
Danny in the front passenger seat. Danny complains that his 
mom is driving too fast and that he wants to stop by 
Wiener World for a hot dog. 

Shirley's Response

Just then 
Danny's bus phone rings,
 & It's Mr. Kincaid.

Danny learns that it was their manager Reuben who placed the bomb on the bus!
Here is a typical  Danny Partridge line!

Meanwhile, Shirley Partridge fights to keep control of the bus. 
She smacks into a baby carriage, but everything is all right because ......
Well, Let Danny tell you about the cans! 

Reuben has been watching the bus speed around town. 
He is in a room full of surveillance equipment,
  Partridge Family photos and gold records.

Danny tells Shirley that it's Reuben
who's causing all the trouble and why!

 Here is her reaction to the news.

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