The Cassidy Boys
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David, Shaun, (Shirley) Patrick and Ryan Cassidy

I receive many notes asking "Who is Shirley's step son .....David or Shaun?
It is a legitimate question, and a lot of people out there are not sure.
Probably because both of them (Shaun and David) were teen idols in the 70's

davshaun.jpg (11336 bytes) The two Cassidy's that people mix up the most are 
David Cassidy (left) and Shaun Cassidy (right)
This is the photo of them from their PEOPLE magazine cover.
(Nov. 1st '93)
They were performing together in the musical Broadway play "Blood Brothers"

The Laufer Company, publisher of the   preview.jpg (12918 bytes)  Teen Magazines
"Tiger Beat" and "Fav", had many other publications in the 1970's including
"The Official Partridge Family Magazine", as well as "Preview".
This issue is from November of 1977.
By 1977, "The Partridge Family" was off the air, but David Cassidy was still as popular.
Shaun Cassidy had since joined the ranks as a formidable Teen Idol as well.
Shaun and actor Parker Stevenson were in all of the Teen Magazines because of their
very successful  ABC series "The Hardy Boys" which began back in January of 1977.
Shaun's father, Jack Cassidy, had helped his son become involved with this project, but sadly,
he never got to see the show make it's premiere and become a hit show.
(Jack died in December of 1976)

David Cassidy is Shirley's stepson from her marriage to Nsas.jpg (14179 bytes) actor Jack Cassidy.
That is Shirley with Jack on the set of her 1959 movie "Never Steal Anything Small",
which also starred James Cagney. (Jack was not in this film. He was just on the set with Shirley)

David Cassidy's mother is actress FFEVE.jpg (6710 bytes) Evelyn Ward and she was Jack's 1st wife.
Shirley and Evelyn are friends today, and they see each other from time to time.

David Cassidy co-starred with Shirley in the 70's sit-com "The Partridge Family"

davhorse.jpg (17524 bytes)hob1.jpg (5837 bytes)chicken.jpg (4133 bytes)
Strange Publicity photoAG00093_.gif (497 bytes) and that photo at the end is from Shirley's least favorite episode.
Click on the Chicken Suit photo for a comment from Shirley about filming that episode!

Shirley, seen here with sj_boys.jpg (4482 bytes) three Cassidy boys.
David, Shaun and Patrick .....Ryan was not born yet. He came along in 1966.
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Shirley gave birth to three very handsome boys
Shaun Paul Cassidy, born on September 27th, 1958
He is the oldest son of Shirley Jones and Jack Cassidy.
FFSHAUN1.jpg (6050 bytes) That's a recent photo of Shaun.
He now works behind the scenes as a very successful
program developer for the USA Network.
Shaun is the executive producer for a new series titled "Wilder" 
It's a comedy and Shirley said the pilot was wonderful. Very Funny.

Patrick William Cassidy FFPAT.jpg (7502 bytes) born January 4th, 1962.
Patrick has been in many movies and has appeared on a lot of television shows.
He and his wife Melissa are toured the country with the tour of "Aida"

FFRYAN.jpg (6316 bytes) Ryan John Cassidy, Shirley's youngest son,
was born on February 23rd, 1966. Ryan was in law enforcement for awhile 
and he also did some acting. Presently he is working behind the camera as 
set design director for programming. He was working on the series
"King of Queens", and most recently he's been working on the ABC series
"My Wife and Kids"
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