Smithton, Pa.
all photos taken by Janet Strauss for Shirley  Jones .Net

{church - then} {original view of church} {church - now}

Smithton Methodist Church
This center sketch shows the church before the annex was added to the entrance.
Shirley began singing with the Church Choir at the age of six.


{brewery - old} {brewery - now}

The House of Jones Brewery
The brewery was owned and operated by Shirley's
grandfather, father, and uncle beginning in 1907

{firedept - old} {firedept - now}

I goofed up! For the longest time I had this building listed as the 
Smithton Volunteer Fire Department. 

Correction! That is currently "National City Bank" 
"Thank You" Blair for alerting me to this.
This building has always been the local Smithton Bank. The fire engines were parked there 
for a parade! Click right HERE for a photo of Shirley and her friend Red at the 
correct building where Shirley, at age nine, pulled the fire alarm just to see what would happen!

{short description of image} {sketch of hotel} {hotel - new}

The Jones Hotel (this is where Shirley ran after pulling the fire alarm!)
The sketch in the center shows the original structure before it was
owned by the Jones family and was called the Smith House,
today it is known as Ottino's Hotel and is a private residence.
Note the additional rooms added to the rear and the covering and extension
of the front porch area on both floors.


{smithton elementary}

Smithton Public School

A View of Smithton's Main Street {Main Street}


{view of Yough River}
A view of the beautiful Youghiogheny River, fifty years ago!

{where house stood} The Street Corner of Second Street
where Shirley's Childhood Home once stood.

Jacob's Creek {Jacobs creek}
Where Shirley spent many fun summer days swimming with her friends

{moviehouse}     {Pittsburgh Playhouse}
Smithton's old Movie House and The Pittsburgh Playhouse as it is Today
or The Early Years.

All Photos Copyright SJHP, 2000