Happy Birthday Shirley Jones!

Shirley's children, grandchildren and a number of her closest and dearest friends
were on hand to surprise her. I was so honored to on the guest list
and it was certainly an unforgettable experience.

It was a lively party. Lots of love and laughter to go around.
Shirley was overcome with emotion several times as her boys spoke of
how much they love and respect her.

A few candid shots from the celebration.
The first picture: Shirley with her two best friends Red and Betty.
The last photo on the loop: The magnificent crystal holographic gift that Marty had
specially made for Shirley to commemorate the adventure aboard the S.S. Regent Sea.

 Quick Clips

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1. Happy guests  2. Looking at old photos
3. Presenting the cake! 
In clip #3 the lights are very low because of the candles.

Marty had these personalized
disposable cameras made up for each guest.

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 Shirleys age in roman numerals. Marty thought she'd like that better.
 But there is one thing quite obvious,
Shirley does not look her age.