Sharon and Ray Court's
Hollywood Collector Show

 North Hollywood, Ca. - January 20th and 21st.
That's the original "Munsters" car that you see out front.
It's designed by Shirley and Marty's friend George Barris.
Check out their web site, click HERE

Please visit Ray and Sharon Court's web site to learn 
what other fabulous celebrities they have invited 
to their
upcoming autograph signing sessions. 

Don and Gene (above). They were busy both days handling the sale of photos 
and memorabilia.  (Don is in the middle, in the light of the doorway). 
I was in charge of watching the table during the breaks and I helped out  
when someone needed to have a photograph taken with Shirley

Many fans brought their own personal keepsakes to have signed. 
Albums from Shirley's great musicals, Partridge Family LPs. 
The lunch box . There were two or three of those.
Lobby posters and cards were abundant. In the above 
right hand photo, Shirley signs a mint condition poster from 
"The Courtship of Eddie's Father" 

This beautiful sketch was given to Shirley by artist Josh Curtis. 
The L.A. Times ran a story on Josh and his work last November 17th 2000.

These are photos from Saturday's signing.

Signing a Partridge Family color glossy. Posing with Officer Smith. 
Officer Smith and Officer McQueen were always close by, which was comforting. 
It WAS a very crowded Grand Ballroom at Beverly Garland's 
Holiday Inn on Vineland Ave. They are just around the corner from our 
always impressive
Universal Studios in Hollywood.

Many friends came by 
to visit with Shirley.
On Saturday  
Good friend Sheila MacRae & Sue Ane Langdon 
pal and co-star of "The Cheyenne Social Club"
dropped by to say "Hello".

On Sunday: Joseph Campanella and to the right, Shirley with Frank Gorshin.
They co-starred in the feature film:
"Manna From Heaven"
Check out our page
all about this wonderful film.

Actor Robert Blake (from the hit TV show "Barretta")
and brilliant actor Michael York paid a visit to our table.

Michael's table was just across from ours.

David Carradine from the television series "Kung Fu" was to our right.

 The Family Photos

 Around 5:00, Marty & Gene discuss how things went the first day, Saturday the 20th.
Sunday the 21st was exciting also. Shirley's youngest son Ryan Cassidy and his 
girlfriend Carol came by to say "HI". Ryan is so adorable. It's hard to believe
that he celebrates his 35th birthday next month. 

Ryan gets a hug and a kiss from his Mom before leaving on Sunday afternoon.
Shirley and Marty share a special moment at the end of that 
busy, and crowded first day of signing.

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