I've Got A Secret

On June 7th, Shirley taped the new "I've Got A Secret"  
for the Oxygen Network.  
This show is just like it's original predecessor that began on CBS in 1952.
For the first few rounds, the guest is someone not well known. 
A panel of celebrity contestants try to determine 
what this person does for a living or what they have invented. 

Shirley's taped episode will air around Mother's Day, next year
They are filming all of their holiday segments in advance. 

Shirley arrived on time already in makeup and looking radiant. 
The makeup woman came into her dressing room for about one minute to 
take away a little shine on Shirley's face with some foundation.
She commented that Shirley had done her work for her 
since she looked great when she walked in the door! 

Shirley adjusts the bow on her dog Schoshie's collar. 
He is now 16 years old, with arthritis, hearing problems and even some cataracts. 
Yet, he's still cute as a little puppy. Shirley had not seen him in months, due to the 
trial separation you have all heard about. Shirley has been living in a very nice 
condominium in the valley, but she is only borrowing the property. 
It's not a large place and the carpeting is white. 
Shirley decided it was best not to keep the pets with her in order to protect the rug. 
Marty had Schosh brought over to the Gower Studios so that Shirley that could spend 
some time with him. That was very sweet. I have not been commenting on their separation
because it is, of course, a private matter. We'll know more when they want us to. 

This lady Shirley is speaking to in this photo 
is Anita. She is the Oxygen Network's Segment Producer. 
She's wonderful, very pleasant and helpful.

The celebrity panelists: Teri Garr (right) Amy Yasbeck (left)
Jim J. Bullock and Chris Hogan had a hard time figuring out who 
the celebrity guest was. They were all wearing flowery masks while asking their questions.
Shirley used a very high voice to reply. I think it was Amy Yasbeck who finally asked:
"Are you Minnie Mouse?"

 This nice lady is
Stephanie Miller
She is the host of  "I've got a Secret" - 2000.

Shirley is chatting with the mother of the quads, now four years old, born in 1996.

The first two guests were very interesting also. It was a 
Mother's Day theme show. The woman (above, left)  was invited  to appear 
because she gave birth to quadruplets on Mothers Day! 
The next lady who came out on stage was the inventor of "Snuggly"? 
(I'm not sure if that's the correct name) 
 In the 60's, this woman created the child carrier you strap 
on to the front of you so that you may carry your baby close and secure.

I believe the name of the lady who modeled the front carrier is Brittany.
You can see her in these photographs talking with Shirley.

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