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Shirley appeared on Nick Clooney's program August 16th.
She spoke of working on the movie OKLAHOMA!
Enjoy the photos and then hear what Shirley had to say about
one of her co-stars.
The sound files are at the end of this page.

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Gloria and Shirley at the lake

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Reprise of  "People Will Say We're In Love"   &  "Out of My Dreams"

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In this shot doesn't it look like the Ol' Blue's horse mane  
is made up of the corn stocks!

 Shirley tells the story.

  Hear Shirley's words
about some of the difficulty she faced
working on her very first film when she was
only nineteen.

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Here is a wonderful gift from our good friend Gail. 
This is such a treasure. "Thank you so much !" (again)

Gail sent us this fabulous flyer that was distributed in 1955 for the 
Sheridan Theatre in Miami Beach .

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Also, Check out Shirley's 21st Birthday celebration in hometown
Smithton, Pa.
during her break in filming on OKLAHOMA!