"Sabrina The Teenage Witch"
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 INTRUNK.jpg (15585 bytes) Her Grand Entrance! TRUNK.jpg (14567 bytes)
From inside a huge trunk, where she has been rummaging through
some old items and fond memories.
Sabrina (Melissa Joan Hart) gives her some help getting out of there    

and grandmother Spellman (Shirley) hands Sabrina a small violin.

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She is so proud to tell Sabrina, for the umpteenth million time,
that her daughter Hilda (Sabrina's Aunt) was a virtuoso.

HILHUG.jpg (11016 bytes)ZELHUG.jpg (9986 bytes)
Enter Hilda (Caroline Rhea) and Zelda (Beth Broderick). They get big hugs from their mother
& Sabrina wonders why her aunts always say they can't get along with her grandmother?

HILHAIR.jpg (12023 bytes)
Well, there is a rather typical Mother-Daughter relationship going on here.
Shirley says to her daughter Hilda:
"I love your hair, it's so much nicer than the way you used to wear it".
Hilda's response: "You mean the way that I wore it for a whole century?"

cat.gif (5925 bytes)SABRINSJ.jpg (12640 bytes) Hilda and Zelda have a brief visit and then
make a rather abrupt exit. They are off to the clock shop that Hilda runs in town.
In the meantime, Sabrina lets it slip that her aunt Hilda gave up the violin to buy the shop.

BLOWUP.jpg (12325 bytes)
Grandma Spellman is a little steamed by this news, so she goes off into another room & disappears!
Later that afternoon, she shows up at the clock shop for a confrontation with her daughters.
Harsh words are exchanged, Hilda is upset, she gets no credit for owning her own business.
Zelda is disturbed because all her mother seems to care about is that she's not married.
No credit for earning her Ph.D., ........because she's not an "MRS."

SALEM.jpg (9292 bytes)
Their cat Salem (voice of Nick Bakay) offers his advice as well.WB00532_.gif (2211 bytes)

Determined to patch up the family squabbles, Sabrina goes through the trunk of  items that
her grandmother brought to find something, anything, to bring them all back together again.
She finds adoption papers for one of her aunts. Sabrina then confronts Hilda and asks

HILADOPT.jpg (9294 bytes)
"How could you be so unforgiving to a mother
who loved you so much she adopted you?"

This is news to Hilda, so rather than help the situation,
this just makes Hilda insecure and she begins to (literally) disappear.
Desperate to find a way to resolve the trouble she has stirred up, Sabrina goes to the adoption agency
to find out more about her aunt Hilda. Only now she discovers her aunt Zelda was also adopted.

ZELADOPT.jpg (11169 bytes)VANISH.jpg (15176 bytes)
Now Sabrina has two aunts going through an identity crisis & both are vanishing quickly.
Sabrina needs help. Now she is starting to wonder who she really is!
She must find her grandmother, for some much needed answers. 

DRESSES.jpg (11911 bytes) Sabrina leaves her two aunts alone with
some of the family keepsakes that her grandmother has brought in the trunk.
Hilda and Zelda couldn't stand those dresses, and as they reminisce about the
horrible times they had  wearing them, their legs reappear and they are all right again.
The ladies have realized that they were "always there for each other",
even if they're not biological sisters.

Meanwhile, Sabrina has located her grandmother.
Her feeling have been hurt HURT.jpg (11341 bytes) but she agrees to come back
and talk to her daughters, her real daughter, and clear up all the confusion.

HAPPY.jpg (11835 bytes) Apparently another sister, Zesta,
(Sabrina's mother, perhaps?)  had been extremely jealous of the attention that
Zelda and Hilda received as children. Those feelings of sibling rivalry caused Zesta
to use her powers to turn their Mom and Dad into pigs.
When Zesta became stubborn and refused to turn them back into people again,
the witches council declared that because they had pigs feet they were unfit to raise children.

Hilda and Zelda (and I guess Zesta too) were adopted out to a farm family, only temporarily.
A month later, Zesta turned her folks back into human form, but the Spellman's
had to go through the legal adoption procedures to get their children back.
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There was even a funny sub-plot about a man selling watches outside of
Hilda's "Hickory Dickory Clock Shop", which of course hurts her business!  
Watch HH01552A.gif (2102 bytes) for the rerun of this program.

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