Public Appearances
TR00267A.gif (2777 bytes)  2000

City of Hope Concert  
in Pasadena, California

Click on the note above to read about this event from November 12th, 2000

 On the cover of Applause for The Augusta Chronicle just prior to her 
performance with  The Augusta Symphony Orchestra on Oct. 14th, 2000.

  To Beth  
for the news of this publication. 

Shirley had a wonderful time participating in the first 
Film Festival to be held in beautiful 
Big Bear, California
Sept. 15th-17th 

The Awards

Click on her award above for a short video clip of 
Shirley stepping up to the microphone(load time depends on your computer)

Bear Fest 2000
Also, please "CLICK" on these photographs below 
to learn much more about the awards ceremony.

Shirley's Question and Answer session with the theater audience (9/16)
following the presentation of  her Academy Award winning film "Elmer Gantry"  
 Including is a sound file and photographs.
Click on the photo above.

  September 17th 2000 in Los Angeles, California. Marty was the Master of Ceremony 
for the Beautiful People Awards.  
These awards honor charitable work by community people and celebrities.
Doris Roberts of "Everybody Loves Raymond" was honored for her 
work with "Children affected by Aids".

The Celebrity Storyteller Tour, 

sponsored by

Shirley was in Texas, the last week of August 2000 appearing in Plano. 
   Liz is from the Dallas area and she has sent us these wonderful photographs. 
Liz told us that Shirley read  "Goodnight Moon", "The Giving Tree
and "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie".

It was a great turnout. Adults and kids brought special items for Shirley to sign 
  Many had their picture taken with her. 

One little girl drew a picture of Shirley in OKLAHOMA! and presented it to her.
And our web friend Jeanne got to meet Shirley for the very first time. 
Thanks Again Liz For the News and Photos!

July 20th 2000

Leisure World's  Amphitheatre seats over 3,000. 
Shirley gave a standing room only performance 
for a wonderful crowd of folks in Seal Beach, California.
The weather was very hospitable and only one jumbo jet 
flew over during Shirley's incredible show! 
(Their open-air theatre is very close to the airport)

A special guest at rehearsal.
For more news and photographs and a video clip from this event,
Click on the photo below.

Some Family Career News 
  "Luxury of Love"
This is not the Marty you'll see in this film. He has a very 
dramatic part. Every character in Luxury of Love, written by Matthew Grant, 
is searching for a brief moment of sanity and a little bit of love. 
This is a provocative movie that exposes the underbelly of Hollywood.
You'll also see Luke Perry in a role far removed from Beverly Hills 90210.
Luke plays a drug addicted street hustler named David. 
Sara (Tara Price) and J.C. (Matt Grant) are the main characters 
for this heavy drama about hope, love and survival. Marty plays a well connected 
Hollywood producer named Richard Chainey who is fixated on J.C. 
His imposing presence causes strife for the young couple fighting to hang
onto their dreams of finding some small measure of success as artists.
Steven Wosniak has the role of loyal street friend Paco. David Rievers plays
Mo Bigsley the owner of a Hollywood strip club and debt holder to J.C.

Film Preservation in the Hollywood Community
Shirley was one of many famous celebrities who attended 
an auction at the Casa Del Mar Hotel near the beach, 
in beautiful Santa Monica, California. (Summer 2000)
This event was put on by American Movie Classics. 
Movie memorabilia was sold to raise over a quarter of a million dollars  
 to continue AMC's wonderful work in preserving our film heritage.

Shirley, accompanied by her son, Ryan Cassidy. 
She said that she did not bid on anything, but that everything that was up for 
auction got sold for a great price, and of course, for a very good cause.

Shirley's Adventures in Orlando, Florida

Shirley was honored at Walt Disney World in Florida, the first week of April 2000.
She also traveled throughout the state for almost the entire month of March.
 Shirley performed in concert around South Florida, at over a dozen different venues.
While visiting Disney World, in Orlando, Shirley was invited to take part in the parade. 
She also had the opportunity to leave her handprints in cement at 
Disney World's
exact replica of Hollywood's Famous Chinese Theatre. 
The original is located on Hollywood Boulevard in Southern California.
   Many Thanks to her wonderful agent and Disney for these 
great moments captured on film of Shirley enjoying her tour at Disney World.

 Shirley even sat for a Question and Answer session with an audience
while at the famous theme park. 

  Shirley taped an interview for The Learning Channel the first week of June. 
She spoke about the 70s. The music, the fashion and the memories.
For the moment, there is no more information about this program and it's air date.

Concert Photos I took too many pictures
 to put on a single page. So I have created a slideshow of this concert, 
performed with singer Jack Jones, April the 8th, in El Cajon, California.
Click on the photo of Shirley to view the 
Rehearsal, Concert and Greenroom Gathering.

Yes, It was true.
Shirley and Marty had a  
 six month trial separation.
They needed time apart to grow closer together again.

Shirley was not running for Senator. That's just one of Marty's signs.
However, she would probably be very good at that too.
 Shirley was laughing & enjoying herself as Marty did some of his funny routines. 

 It was really a very pleasant evening,
despite the breaking news of Shirley and Marty's trial separation.
It was amicable, but of course no one knew at that time how things would turn out.

During this seminar it was revealed by Shirley that Shaun and his brothers
were not thrilled with the recent portrayal of their father. As Shirley said,
it only presented one dimension of Jack Cassidy. As for how she thought she was
represented in the 1999 Partridge Family related specials?
She thought she was depicted like a "Stepford Wife". Those were her own words.
For those who may not remember that movie, "The Stepford Wives", it was about
the women of that community being turned into virtual robots for their husbands.

Left: Inside Edition's camera man, the lady who interviewed them.
 Right: Shirley and Marty's terrific publicist Ed Lozzi, 
& that's Shirley's wonderful agent to the far right.
In the photo on the right, Marty hands out Edelweiss Chocolates to the audience.

 Shirley loves to bargain hunt for her wardrobe. The jacket that you see in these photographs 
was purchased at a fine store in Los Angeles called: Designer Labels For Less.
Marty had a contest to win a prize. The person who came closest to the 
price of Shirley's jacket won the gift. The pink clip board Marty is holding has 
a list of all the guest's guesses. That jacket was only $19.87 and isn't it just beautiful!

They exchanged hugs 
and the seminar was over. 
We love them both and just want them to be happy.

"Thank You" Heidi for alerting us to the 
Sunday, December 3rd issue of Parade Magazine.

This is from: Walter Scott's  Personality Parade.

Friday, December 17th '99
mic5(best)1.jpg (7926 bytes)just1sj.jpg (10487 bytes)ShirleyinCape(best)1.jpg (10080 bytes)
At the Robert B.Moore Theatre, in Costa Mesa, Ca.
Shirley in her dressing room looking radiant and relaxed about twenty minutes
before she went out onstage to give another one of her brilliant holiday concert performances.

the singing Christmas duck!
SJQuincy(small).jpg (11978 bytes)SJQuincy(smaller)1.jpg (9775 bytes)SJQuincy3.jpg (10181 bytes)
It washappyfun.gif (592 bytes)  He sang Jingle Bells........I think?
Quincy hit some pretty strange notes toward the end of his song!

During the first half, Shirley sang some of her musical classics,
and Christmas songs such as "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"

WhiteDress(micBest)1.jpg (6518 bytes)WhiteDress(Best)1.jpg (9237 bytes)mic(fair)1.jpg (7961 bytes)
Shirley came back out on stage for the second half of her program in a beautiful,
new, long satin gown, with a full length sparkling bugle beaded vest.
She did a fantastic medley of tunes "Joy To the World", "Silent Night",
and many others, including a favorite of hers, "O' Holy Night".

ShirleyRon1(small).jpg (6209 bytes)WhiteDress2(hand)1.jpg (8097 bytes)
Shirley flew out of Los Angeles International Airport early the next day.
Saturday morning, they were all up at five a.m.!
Shirley, along with Ron her musical director (in the left photo)
and Trish, Shirley's sound and lighting engineer were off
to entertain on a Caribbean Cruise!

Shirley had a wonderful time
in Sydney, Australia.
Nov. 3rd through the 8th.

austral3.jpg (4941 bytes)
Shirley in Australia with Cate Blanchett,
Hugh Jackman, and Marcia Hines.

Shirley was one of the special celebrity guests for the
Gala Opening of Fox Studios on Sunday, November 7th.
She participated in the salute to the great musicians of Hollywood's Golden Age.
Shirley sang Rodgers and Hammerstein's
"People Will Say We're In Love", with Australia's Hugh Jackman.
Shirley did a great deal of on-stage hosting and joined singer Marcia Hines for the
energy charged grand finale of  "I Got The Music In Me". Other participants included
Charlie Sheen, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. Some of the well known Australian performers
to take part in the show were Tina Arena, Cate Blanchett, and the group Human Nature.

Premiered at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California.

There were so many great stars in attendance. Shirley Jones, Gordon MacRae,
Charlotte Greenwood, Lucy and Desi, Marlena Dietrich, Nancy and Ronald Reagan,
handsome Jeff Chandler, beautiful Grace Kelly.....
and that's just a few of the big names
at the original premiere of 1955.
chandler.jpg (10905 bytes)charlotte.jpg (10366 bytes)desilu.jpg (8765 bytes)reagans.jpg (7780 bytes)
George Putnum, Barbara Lawrence and Jeff Chandler,
Shirley with Charlotte Greenwood,
Lucy and Desi and Ronald and Nancy Reagan.
mags.jpg (25874 bytes)
Shirley and Gordon graced the covers of magazines from coast to coast.
"The World" from the San Francisco Chronicle (9/55)
"What's Cookin' In New York" (10/55)
"Concern" from Nov. 1955
Please click on the magazine covers above
for the new, ongoing section about the Oklahoma! premiere of 1955
& The special American Cinematheque presentation on Nov.14th 1999.

WB00851_.GIF (326 bytes)
Shirley and Marty held up these signs as they took their bows.
Photo Link
LL43-bow15-best-sign.jpg (68780 bytes) WB00758_.gif (550 bytes)
To a lot more information and photographs
About Shirley and Marty's Workshop, Buffet and Performance
in Victorville, California, October 8th and 9th 1999.

YKYMMLY2.jpg (6912 bytes)TENT3.jpg (10134 bytes)YKYMMLY3.jpg (5820 bytes)
Another concert draws to a close as 
walks off the stage to a standing ovation.
It all took place in beautiful San Diego, California, on September 11th,
at the Marriott's Outdoor Pavilion.

Sharp Health Care presented a wonderful Senior Symposium that began at
7:30 in the morning & concluding at 2:30 in the afternoon with an
excellent show by Shirley Jones.
The event was also sponsored by radio station KPOP - 1360 AM
For Much More about this event,
click on this star
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)
WB00471_.gif (6334 bytes)

pac.jpg (8484 bytes)
The Performing Arts Center
Big Bear Lake, California, August 28th

Click on the photograph above for news and pictures from
Shirley's afternoon rehearsal and her magnificent evening performance.

WB01588_.gif (2370 bytes)

wagon.jpg (4374 bytes)trailer1.jpg (6603 bytes)sjchair.jpg (11090 bytes)
cat.gif (5925 bytes) Dogrun.gif (4697 bytes)butterfly.gif (1409 bytes)
On The Set With Shirley, July of '99
There were several film locations for Shirley's most recent motion picture "PING".
Piru, California was the backdrop for many scenes.
The rather well known Piru Mansion sits high on a hill in this very small, old town.
It is located north-west of  Los Angeles. A little over an hours drive for Shirley.
This beautiful ornate door from the mansion,
cooldoor.jpg (10939 bytes) will open a link to the
NEW page about Shirley's most recent film
Shirley said that PING, a small chihuahua,
is the real star of this motion picture & is in every scene.

Shirley Receives Her Second tmcsmile.jpg (5540 bytes)
Lifetime Achievement Award
June 18th, 1999 in Temecula, California

FOODNET7.jpg (12566 bytes)
Shirley and her friend Marion Ross
enjoyed filming a segment for

"In Food Today: The Way We Were"
FOODNET3.jpg (11649 bytes)FOODNET5.jpg (10662 bytes)FOODNET1.jpg (11558 bytes)
The special is a nostalgic look back at food products and commercials
from the 50's, 60's and 70's.  It aired Sunday, July 25th on

FD00653A.gif (2278 bytes) The Food Network
.  pies.jpg (9326 bytes)
Shirley Jones, (Partridge Family) Marion Ross (Happy Days) and June Lockhart (Lassie)
were all interviewed.  The TV Moms spoke about their fictional families, feasts.
Shirley said that she remembers that Mrs.Partridge was a great pie baker
and always seemed to have a fresh, hot pie, right out of the oven.


DISLAND2.jpg (7672 bytes)DISLAND5.jpg (7707 bytes)DISLAND3.jpg (7707 bytes)
Working on "Mannheim Meets The Mouse" at Disneyland, March 23rd of this year.
The Disney Channel has presented this half hour program narrated by Shirley Jones many times!
It is still being broadcast from time to time, so keep an eye out for it if you have not seen the show.

bflogo100.gif (6886 bytes)sjtmjs.jpg (8579 bytes)bandfest.jpg (8650 bytes) overview.jpg (16205 bytes)
What A Celebration!
 The Music Man Festival - "Till There Was You".
Photo mmphoto1.jpg (6881 bytes) Link
To information about this event

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