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The Partridge Family - The Definitive Collection" CD
 Order online at, CDNOW or Tower Records.
We are pleased with the song selection. However, there are still too many lost songs.
Many of you ask about Shirley's solo "The Whale Song". It should have been be on an album, or CD,
but it has never been officially released.
Get a better look at this funny photo. 
It's on the insert for The Definitive Collection CD!

Click on this
to view some silly Partridge Family comics

Other Cast Members Today
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Danny Bonaduce is on Radio station KYSR - "Star" - 98.7 FM.
The Jamie & Danny Show is heard from 5-9 am.
Shirley was a guest soon after the premiere, in October of 1999.
It was cute because Danny began the call-in segment with a warning to all!
"Keep the questions NICE, this is my Mom!"

soundfile.gif (538 bytes) DBtimes.jpg (7436 bytes)
Here's what Danny has to say about 
Shirley and Marty!

 newarrow.gif (3976 bytes) Sunday, January 9th DBSID.jpg (9884 bytes)
"Celebrity Homes"
on E! presented Danny Bonaduce's
fabulous hilltop home in the Hollywood Hills.
Hopefully, it will air again soon, so that everyone can see all of their mansion on the hill.
But if you missed it, and want to take a peek "Click Here" to see how far Danny has come
from those awful days of living in his car. He now has a great radio job here in Los Angeles,
a lovely, loving family and a "spectacular" home.

That's Susan Dey (Laurie Partridge in the 70s) SDEY1.jpg (5965 bytes)
She was interviewed at a recent gathering in Los Angeles.
Susan told reporters that she is now interested in getting back into
her acting career. That's great news, because she is such a fine actress.

Smiling.gif (1578 bytes) The Partridge Family Outtakes SJE.jpg (6438 bytes)
are a favorite with fans all over the world. 
Click HERE for a favorite Shirley Jones blooper
with actress Susan Dey.

Click on The Speeding Partridge Family bus for the Shirley Jones,
Danny Bonaduce and Dave Madden spoof of the movie


Just for Fun

A. Shirley Jones, Susan Dey and David Cassidy discussing their next scene.
    B. Shirley, Susan Day and David Cassidy take a much needed break in filming.
C. Shirley distracts Susan while David thinks of a way to tell her that a large 
Raven has just landed on her head!  

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