Oscar Party 2001
A Salute to the Academy Awards

  presented by 
The Sacramento Aids Foundation

This benefit party was one of only 35 
officially sanctioned Academy Award Parties in the U.S.
Shirley Jones, Margaret O'Brien, Ester Williams
Randal Malone, Anita Page and Rose Marie
were the six honored celebrity guests for this black-tie affair.

The Doubletree Inn Hotel 
In beautiful Sacramento, California

The smaller party began in Salon 1 
"California Ballroom",
at 3 PM on March 25th, 2001

This gathering was for the celebrities and the people from the 
Sacramento Aids Foundation, as well as the folks 
who donated a great deal to the cause.

The celebrity guests were formally announced 
as they made their entrance into the small meeting hall. 
It was located just below the Main Ballroom where the Academy Awards 
were later broadcast live, via satellite, from the Shrine Auditorium in L.A.

Margaret O'Brien speaking to one of the gentlemen 
 serving wine and greeting guests.

Lovely silent film star Anita Page and of course that is Rose Marie best known for her 
wonderful work on The Dick Van Dyke Show in the 60's.
 This photo is of Anita Page 
from one of her silent film roles. 
This gentleman
 is Randall Malone from MTV.

Another photo of Margaret O'Brien.

There was low lighting in the room and I always try to avoid using a flash. 
It's more pleasant for the subject and I feel it's less intrusive.
Plus, the folks at all of the venues where I've traveled with Shirley 
  appreciate it a great deal also.

That's Shirley arriving at the Producer's Party about 3:30 in the afternoon.

& Here is the favorite photo I took 
of Shirley just after she was announced and entered the conference room.
She was still wearing her casual clothes that she had worn on the short flight
from Los Angeles to Sacramento. About a half an hour later she managed to 
break away and head up to her hotel suite to change into her formal attire. 

The big event began at 5 PM up in the Grand Ballroom.  

 A Portrait Painting of each star
was on display throughout the hallways. Each painting was auctioned and the   
money raised donated to the Sacramento Aids Foundation for their important research.
Shirley's painting sold for $400.00
The white lights on the glass are from the chandeliers above. 
This was the best shot I could capture.

This happy gentleman is Mike Lemon.
He was in charge of the whole show, directing and getting everything organized.

 Actress and famed swimmer Ester Williams accepting a very a special gift 
during a break in the Oscar Awards broadcast. 
What this man is holding is the actual original porthole from the swimming pool
on the MGM lot. The studio where Miss William's filmed most of her movies.

ABC Affiliate NEWS 10 -Sacramento.
This is the news team that covered the Oscar Bash for their local news.
About the time that Bob Dylan was singing his song live from L.A. 
 TV 10's News Team was down at the front
 table doing some interviews with the celebrity guests.
It aired that evening on their local station so there was 
no way to alert anyone to set up a VCR.

The entire Oscar program was sent live from Los Angeles 
direct to our two huge screens on either side of the main podium. 
 Mike Myers' s on the screen hamming it up early in the 
awards broadcast down at the Shrine.

This photo is very dark but you can just 
make out the large white screens to either side. They were setting up the gold 
banners upstairs, while the smaller party took place in the California Room below.

There's Shirley watching intently as the nominees 
for best costume design were being read. She was very pleased that 
Janty won for
In fact this was indeed Shirley's favorite movie and the one that she voted for 
to win Best Picture this year. As an Academy Award 
winning actress herself, Shirley always gets to vote.
(I was hoping Chocolat would at least win one award.....oh well. It was a long shot)

I did not take my usual large slew of photos at this event. 
There was simply too much going on all the time. 
This is one of the best shots of Shirley seated at the head table of celebrity guests.

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