Grandma's Boy

Shirley shows off one of her pretty and colorful outfits
that she wears as her new character "Grace".
The movie was originally titled "Nana's Boy"
This is an Adam Sandler  production.

Shirley had a 10 a.m. call on Monday the 28th of March.
 However, she did not actually begin work until after 2:00 p.m.
and that was only the rehearsal, not the take.

The Los Angeles Skies played games with the production company.
It was clear and sunny during rehearsal. A half hour later,
clouds had rolled in and it was raining very hard.
Fortunately, the storm only lasted about a half hour and the filming
could begin at the outdoor location.

To view a short video from Shirley
Click on the picture below

I gave Shirley this handmade Easter Egg for her birthday.
She celebrates on March 31st!
No big party, she was working on the movie set.

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More photos from the set of "Nana's Boy"
The wardrobe and makeup department are in a separate building.
1. Shirley Knight
(above) Doris Roberts and our Shirley were driven to the location
in a star van. In the second photo Shirley waits off-set with a cute actor who is admiring
her slippers. He loved everyone's shoes!  3. The sun is setting, but they try for another scene.

Getting her hair fluffed. The actors are in and out of these chairs all day long.

Shirley brings her own TV to the Studio.

I asked:
"Where did the studio find that funky little TV?" She laughed and said: "It's mine".

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