BLOODHEAD -  Two Brothers * Two Colors
One Nightmare!

OK, it's not the most glamorous movie location.
However, it is perfect for this new thriller!

The rented Mobil Home Park had only a few residents
and the remaining trailers were abandoned and sort of spooky!
This dog was not scary. He was rather timid and confused
by all the commotion near his home.

Filming did not begin until just before dusk on June 17th.
Shirley's call was for the early afternoon. She spent several hours in her
Star Wagon before heading over to the makeup and wardrobe trailer.

The temperature was still around one hundred degrees
when everything got underway.

This particular scene will have extensive special effect work added at the studio
 back in Hollywood, Ca. In the scene, Shirley's character Charlotte is dead
and in very gruesome shape as she hangs out of the window.
(I don't think I should reveal how her character dies)
She is screaming at her two sons to stop fighting and go kill Bloodhead.

What you see in this photo loop is what took place for a
few hours at one of the uninhabited homes on the fringe of the park.

As is quite normal on all film sites, the setting up of lights and equipment is
what takes the bulk of the time. Shirley relaxed in a directors chair and chatted with
Andre Ware who plays one of her two sons in this motion picture.
ChickenBone plays the other son.
The story about his name is that at one time he apparently
had to defend himself  with nothing more than a chicken bone.
Thus the nickname

Andre taking with Shirley while they wait to be called onto the set.
ChickenBone receiving some information from the Assistant Director.

The lovely tin can you see on the chair is Shirley's spittoon !
Her character Charlotte constantly chews tobacco.
What Shirley is actually placing into her mouth in the photographs above
is black licorice. She had a choice of beef jerky and licorice.
The latter was easier and looked the best on film.