The Moonridge Animal Park 
Celebrity Benefit - August 25th, 2001

The cost to move the zoo and it's remarkable tenants will be over 3 million dollars. 
They are off to a good start with your generous donations and exciting benefits like 
Shirley and Marty's "Celebrities and Wildlife Event". 

The Moonridge Animal Park was set up to house injured and orphaned creatures 
after a devastating fire in 1959. Today they house153 non-releasable animals.
The Zoo's 50 year lease is almost up & although they have been granted 
a new location across the lake, there is simply not enough money to build 
and relocate to the new larger facilities.

The Buffalo are the largest animals at the Animal Park.
The smallest are in their reptile room.

Shirley signs a program for this young lady and that is astronaut Gordon Cooper
directly behind them. Marty signing what looks like an entrance ticket to the event.

Marty and Ron Birkle, president of The Friends Of The Moonridge Zoo.

Shirley and Marty - Masters of Ceremonies

Actress Deanna Lund - "Land of the Giants"
Marnie Lynn Ross - Emma from "General Hospital"
(center) Shirley and her publicist Ed Lozzi.
Songwriter Carol Conners and Kate Linder - Esther from
"The Young and the Restless".

 Some of the other celebrities in attendance
Singer Kenny Rankin, Actor Earl Holliman - "Policewoman",
Actor Garett Maggart - "The Sentinel"
Garett's fans raised over $4,000. for the adoption of the park's wolf Nova.
Rock star Mike Inez
Richard Karn - "Home Improvement" 

The Bear Mountain Resort adjacent to the animal park is where the celebrity dinner 
was held later that evening. Shirley had rehearsal for her Hollywood Bowl 
appearance on the 26th, so she could not stay for dinner. 

This very special lady is Diane  
She gave the park a check for $2,500. Then later in the day 
Diane adopted the wolves (food and upkeep) for a year - $4,000! WOW!

There was a silent auction going on all around the park and Marty presided
over a very "lively" live auction at 4 p.m.
Animal Adoptions went well. Q the red tail hawk
and Morgan the screech owl with only one eye
were both adopted for a year's worth of care.

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