The Lecture & Workshop
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(Oct. 9th from 1-2:30 p.m.
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The conversation began with Marty explaining how he managed and attained financial success,
in a world where prices go up much faster than our paycheck. He spoke of his happy experience
investing in bonds and also of a sillier time when he and some of his friends went a little nutty
attempting to win at the lottery. Marty cautioned about never taking out interest only loans,
and there was emphasis on the obvious drawbacks of purchasing with credit!

"If a person went out to buy something fairly expensive with cash only,
they'd most likely stop short at the sight of counting out,
and tossing away, all that hard earned money."

(That's not exactly a direct quote)

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When Shirley came out to join in to discussion, the talk then centered around Shirley's
future career plans. The audience members wanted to know if Shirley would do any more
stage musicals. Shirley said most likely not, because the demand of  eight shows a week is
just too much for her. She did say that she now must vocalize daily, compared to when she was
just starting out in the 50's and could hit a high C without even thinking about it.

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All of the participants of the Workshop were given an unexpected treat!
A twenty minute video, titled: "Peaches and Cream", which is an
amusing and wonderful compilation of Shirley and Marty's careers and their life together.

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Take This link to The Buffet FD00727A.gif (2269 bytes)
that followed the workshop on October the 9th.