Edelweiss Chocolates of Beverly Hills
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In February of 1997* ,  Marty Ingels presented Shirley Jones
with the key to a very large Valentine's Day gift.
My first reaction when I heard this news was "Oh how sweet, he bought the kitchen for the day,
so that Shirley could have fun and pick out anything that she wanted for the occasion".

* Shirley and Marty sold their share of  the candy kitchen after five years.

      Here is what really happened: Shirley discovered the 56 year old establishment on Canon Drive in Beverly Hills, California. She went home and told Marty all about it and the fact that Edelweiss Chocolates of Beverly Hills has the best hand-dipped chocolate.

       Marty then went down to the store an bought himself some candy. He asked the cashier behind the counter
"How Much?" She told him the cost of the candy and he said, "Now how much for the whole store?"
The owner of the candy kitchen was about ready to retire, so the negotiations began.

kitchen5.jpg (13148 bytes)The Edelweiss is actually a very petite little shop.
As you can see, it has an inviting atmosphere.
Plenty of shelves filled up with candy and toys.
There are note cards and all sorts of unique and interesting gifts.

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Toward the back of the shop is the kitchen and packaging area where a friendly bunch of folks are busy getting everything prepared. To the right is a photo of the white chocolate that will be used to make all sorts of delicious confections
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Here are marshmallow eggs about ready to be dipped in coconut.

The photograph at the very top of the                                                              page shows one of the candy makers stirring a large vat of chocolate for dipping.
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Rows of  bunnies sit waiting to be wrapped up
in colorful bows for Easter.

Their candy shop, as you can probably
already imagine, smells heavenly!


Marty even had a new perfume developed. You could smell like chocolate!
Or, as Marty would say, You can walk around smelling like a giant Hershey Bar.

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