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I asked Shirley what it was like to work with a real lion on the set of "Fluffy"
 (Taped during Shirley's North Hollywood Autograph Signing Session on January 20th, 2001)

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If you have not seen this chaotic comic romp, that's really a shame. 
It's a crazy lighthearted movie that must have turned out to be 
exactly what they had expected.

Tony and Shirley
(studio publicity still)

The story line is pretty simple. Professor Daniel Potter (Randall),is a research scientist 
studying animal behavior. He is attempting to rid them of fear.

Police arrive at the institution where he works to impound his trained lion Fluffy.
 Neighbors have complained that noise and growling sounds are disrupting their lives.

Potter is horrified by the tranquilizer gun they plan to use on Fluffy.
He manages to steals the gun and escapes in a convertible car
with his docile lion sitting calmly in the back seat.

This brings about some very comical footage 
Please Click on the projector below, for a fun film clip. 
 View the reaction of a couple of bicyclists 
who take notice of  
  Potter fleeing with his pet lion!

Shirley plays Janice Clariage, a wealthy spelunker (cave explorer)
who meets up with the fugitive Professor Potter
Janice allows Potter to borrow her condominium since she has plans to be out of town. 
There are no vacancies and Daniel has just told the desk clerk that he and his cat 
have been traveling for such a long time and need to rest.
Janice takes pity on him and offers her place. She assumes the cat is just
a small, domestic feline. Havoc ensues as other residents and staff from 
the complex discover that Fluffy is actually a full grown adult lion.

Eventually Potter is captured by police (Fluffy has wandered off). 
When Janice arrives at the precinct to give her statement the crazy escape occurs
in which Janice and Daniel end up handcuffed together. 

He knows that he must find Fluffy and prove to Janice and everyone else 
that Fluffy is not a dangerous killer, but as tame as a kitten.

It's also one of only two movies in which Shirley appears as a brunette. 
The other move, "The Secret of my Success" with actor James Booth 
(Both films were made in 1965). 

The entire plot is much more complex.
Hopefully you have seen the movie
 or it will be shown on a cable channel sometime soon.

(That is actor Howard Morris pictured holding the axe in the lobby poster)

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