Shirley's Fabulous Christmas Concert, 2001
 The Beckman Auditorium, Pasadena, Calif.

December 1st

The little girl in this photograph is Jessica. She is so adorable.
Jessica was a little shy about approaching Shirley and meeting her for the first time.
Of course Shirley was delighted to say "Hello" and give her an autograph.

Signing Jessica's concert program before grabbing a bite to eat.
There was plenty to eat and drink.

Many fans came by to say "Thanks" for the fabulous evening
of great songs and entertainment.

The reception was held at a beautiful old historic house located directly across from the theater.
The gathering was completely lamp lit, so photos were a bit of a challenge as you can see.

Shirley's youngest son Ryan Cassidy (in the photos below)
was also in attendance with his longtime girlfriend Carol.

"Thanks Always"  Gene,  and of course Shirley!

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