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Flower1.wmf (2504 bytes) August 5th, 1956 Flower1.wmf (2504 bytes)
Shirley Jones and Jack Cassidy took their marriage vows at the New Church of Jerusalem
in Cambridge, Mass. They were married on campus where they
had been performing in "The Beggar's Opera". In fact, they got married
between their matinee and evening performance.

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Putting on her makeup & getting nervous as her Mom adjusts the gown!

What adds even more fun to their wedding day story is the fact that Shirley and Jack's characters,
within the play itself, also get married. They were married three times that day.
But of course only one ceremony had her best friend from Smithton Pa.
Charlotte Lynn (also known as Red). She was Shirley's Matron of Honor. 
 Longtime friend, Shari Price was her Maid of Honor.

(Shari is in the photo below)

Nick Mayo was Jack's Best Man.
Nick, seen in this photo with Jack, was married
to actress Janet Blair

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Barbara Ruick, Carrie Snow from "Carousel"  and another lifelong friend of Shirley's,
left her stage production of
"Plain and Fancy", that she was performing in, to rush to Massachusetts.
She had to be there for her old friend and one time New York roommate. 
At the Wedding, Barbara sang
"When I Marry Mister Snow"

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Yes, of course, they were
pelted with rice
by relatives and friends as they left the church.

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It goes without saying that Shirley's mother and father were there! Above is a photo of
Shirley's father,
Paul Jones, walking down the aisle to give his only daughter away in marriage.

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Shirley still has this beautiful dress and she has told me that she plans to
offer it to her granddaughter, Caitlin Cassidy, should she want to be married in it as well.
Caitlin is Shaun Cassidy's oldest child.

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