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Animal Planet on The Discovery Channel

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Shirley walked on to the set with Lulu on a leash and Schoshie in her arms.
& Marty was holding their cat Peanut in a rather tight grip
Peanut is a youngster. He came to their door two summers ago
and decided that he would like to stay.
Peanut was not exactly crazy about the shows stage band.
The drums in particular!
You can see by the look on his face, that he would like to climb the walls! Runroom.gif (5972 bytes)

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Shirley and Marty Sat down on the couch with Host Andy Kindler
and everything was fine, for awhile!

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Then Peanut got a little restless after a few minutes and decided he'd check out the rest of the set.
Shirley and Marty reached for him, but he was off and running. Andy, their host, hopped up to help out.
Here is a sound file of when Peanut decided to roam!
The "Ah! Ah!" you hear in all the confusion is Shirley.
She is telling Lulu and Schoshie don't even think about running after Peanut!  
Click on the pink button  WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) to hear this silly file.
(It's a big one, at 118K)

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The camera panned to the side of the set, but Peanut is much too swift.
He had just ducked behind that dog house and now
Shirley looked concerned." You'll never get him" she announced in a worried tone.
But they did and a few minutes later the interview continued.
After that, Shirley took charge of Peanut and Schoshie and Marty held on to Lulu.

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Shirley and Marty have a difference in opinion when it come to their pets
feeding habits. Shirley likes them to follow a regular routine, while Marty will feed them
at anytime, anywhere, day or night. This bugs Shirley a great deal.
Hear it for yourself   WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)  Sound file of 77K

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Shirley and Marty told the story of how they found Lulu.
(she is an eight year old Shih Tzu,  pronounced sheedzoo)
She had been abandoned with her two little puppies and they believe
that she may have been abused. Shirley and Marty took in all three, of course.
They were able to find good homes for the pups. But they decided they would keep
the mother and help her overcome whatever bad times she had experienced before.
Lulu is named after Shirley's Elmer Gantry character, Lulu Bains,
The role for which Shirley won her Academy Award

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In these photos Shirley talks about her miniature poodle Schoshie (which means little thing).
Marty bought the little dog for Shirley 16 years ago when they were at a charity pet auction.

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