January 1st, - 1999 - Happy New Year!

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The 110th Annual
Pasadena Rose Parade
A cameraman was waiting patiently, high atop his station, half an hour before the parade.
Everything got underway on time at 8:00 in the morning. It was chilly, but not unpleasant.

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There were four Grand Marshals that year.
Astronaut  Buzz Aldrin, Ray Bartlett who was representing the late great
Jackie Robinson, Shirley Temple, and Producer David L. Wolper.

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 Three close-up photos of  the FTD "Mother's Day" float in which Shirley, Marion Ross (Happy Days) and
Cynthia Harris (from Mad About You) were riding. Theirs was number 80 in the procession,
Last Summer, FTD held a contest and asked people to send in their best mother, daughter stories.
The winners were Ginger Taylor and her mother Carol who were seated on the other side of the float.
It was made up of many flowers, as you can imagine.
They named a few such as daisy, iris, daffodils, tulip, and a ton of roses!

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Across the street from us was the famous Norton Simon Museum.
Complete with guards to keep everyone off the grounds during the parade.
NBC was tucked away, high up above the grandstands.
You can almost make out the two anchors up there!

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Oh yes! Here is the cranky guy that sat behind me in the bleachers!
Just kidding, but I did stand up a little bit too long at one point and I got chewed out.
Hey, I was having some serious fun. What can I say!

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Well, there is nothing better than a whole bunch of photos of Shirley.
She was absolutely radiant and the crowd just loved her.

     design.jpg (6412 bytes) The design for their FTD Float
by  Fiesta Parade Floats.


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