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It's nestled high up in the San Bernadino Mountains, just a few miles east of Big Bear Village.
This is a great place to visit if you are in the area. It's not a large facility, but it has a large number of beautiful
animals that you may view and talk to, close up. They all receive expert care at Moonridge.
Many of the animals have been rescued from perilous adventures. The Animal Park just obtained
a little baby kit fox that was accidentally caught by a resident who mistook him for a squirrel.
The little fellow is doing just fine.

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What you see in these photographs are the many bricks and plaques donated to The Animal Park
that help support the care and feeding of all the lucky tenants.
You may have noticed that their gray wolf is named Lucky.
For a small amount of money you can have a regular size brick placed on the walkway.
Some people even put the name of their business on it, others donated in the memory of loved ones.
As you can see, Shirley and Marty donated a BIG ONE! (a little more money of course)
and just have their first names printed.
You may also adopt an animal, which we have done several times in the past.
The money goes to the care of that particular animal. We adopted Amelia Earhart one winter.

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The Moonridge Animal Park is open all year, weather permitting.
It was snowing very lightly on April 24th during our last visit, but they were open.
For further information and news of coming events, such as their
Wildlife Art Festival in July call:  (909) 584-1171
There is a really nice gift shop on the premises as well.

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It was a little chilly at 10:00 am, after a light snow fall the night before.
We were amazed at how active all of the animals were.


They have a turtle named Edward, but unfortunately his photo did not scan very well
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