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Shirley and Marty embarked on some fairly basic home renovation
that turned into something closer to the classic 1948 Cary Grant, Myrna Loy
feature film  "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House"
One thing lead to another and the remodeling went on for what seemed like an eternity.
Finally, with the work complete and the house to themselves,
Shirley and Marty realized they were left with boxes upon boxes
of items that they were no longer really interested in keeping.

October 10th and 11th
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The first day was non-stop customers, from morning to afternoon. Most of the furniture
and antiques were snapped up right away. I was actually running a few minutes
behind schedule that first morning and all of the record collection
was sold by the time I arrived at nine-fifteen.

There were plenty of books and video tapes on the shelves.
Lamps, mirrors, paintings. Even some exercise equipment was offered.

One of the most unique and rare items sold within the 1st hour. That is the stained glass
Partridge Family mosaic you see above. This was actually used on the set.
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I was fortunate enough to become the proud owner of this jacket.
Shirley had worn it on one of the Rodgers and Hammerstein tributes. I just love it!


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These charming young ladies live only a few houses away and they were both very helpful during the sale.
The wind really picked up in the afternoon and all of our signs and photos went in every direction!
Simcha (9) is standing in front of the autographed Partridge Family tee-shirt display.
Her sister Mushka (7) is seated at one of the tables where we had their books and tapes for sale.

dolls.jpg (3425 bytes)The Shirley and Marty dolls were popular,
and yet they were priced a little bit higher than most items.
Maybe they wanted to keep them?
They seem to serve as perfect hat racks
in their foyer at home.

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Marty dropped by the sale at around 11:30 on Saturday the 10th.
He drove over in the Cadillac, which had been for sale also. 
(He decided to keep it)
Naturally, he did not have a way to get back home,
and I was very happy to be his chauffeur for the day.
I was even more pleased that the Los Angeles traffic was so pleasant,

And that my car did not decide to break down!70smile.jpg (8176 bytes)

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