The Drew Carey Show
from the December 16th 1998 taping.
The show aired on January 13th '99
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The program taping ran from approximately 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM
There were several breaks for a little
script revision by Drew Carey
and of course, there were the

Blooper #1
This was about the 3rd take, of the fifth scene. Celia (Shirley) and Drew are watching Lewis
make his exit from Drew's living room.  Instead of  stopping the camera, they let the film roll
for what is called a pickup (continued action and they will edit it later).
Lewis (Ryan Stiles) is instructed to begin at the exact point in the script 
where he turns back to Drew and Celia for another comment, before exiting.
Ryan turned and gave an over exaggerated "Oooooowwww" and Shirley lost it!
She broke out in uncontrollable laughter. It was great! (Take 4!)

Blooper #2
(tongue tied Drew)
The line is Drew Carey's and it is "Birds and Squirrels".
He is standing with Shirley. This was about their third try for this particular line of dialogue.
We hear ....."and rolling" -- but once again Drew recites "Spirds and Squirrels!".
Shirley, the ultimate professional, knows they may go for a quick pickup right from there.
She stands frozen, but no, this time she can't hold in the laughter. (Cut!)

Blooper #3
(It's now 10 PM)

The setting is Drew's desk on the Winfred-Louder office building.
Celia (Shirley) has brought Drew a special lunch that she prepared for him. 
(Drew Carey has made some important script changes at this point
So, there has been a long pause in filming, while everyone digests their new lines)

Everyone is getting a little punchy at this hour and it's announced
that there is at least 45 more minutes to go. 
Numerous flubs and outbreaks of laughter during this scene.
Shirley broke up three times and so did everyone else!

It was at this time that Shirley took over the production clap board action.wmf (1690 bytes)
and with the cameras rolling announced: "Ego Maniac - Take 2".
It was fabulous, so Silly!
All I could think of was
"Oooohhh! .....I wish I could take a picture of this!"
 Unfortunately, this bit of action was not included in the final cut and I guess it went to waste.

Alarmclk.wmf (8718 bytes)Twenty to Eleven,
Shirley has disappeared back stage, but she re-emerges from behind the set
carrying a melon kabob.
(Cantaloupe and Honeydew on a skewer)

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One final outtake that I'd like to share is another silly one from Drew Carey.

Shirley, as Celia, has just told Drew that she does not know if their 
 new living-together arrangement is such a great idea.

Ok, now it's Drew Carey's line, but he has completely  forgotten  
his own new script change and all he can think of to say after a long pause is
........and with that Shirley let out a great big laugh!

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