The Drew Carey Show

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Drew is tired of seeing all of the good job promotions pass him by.
So, he decides to go back to school for a degree.
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This is where he meets Celia (Shirley) and they become
study buddies for their statistics class.

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First photo above: Drew and Celia are studying together in Drew's kitchen.
Later that evening as they are saying goodnight, Drew discovers he's attracted to Celia 
and he gives her a kiss. Celia doesn't mind, in fact she obviously likes Drew as well.

However, at their next meeting in class, Celia refuses Drew's offer for a date. 
She is uncomfortable with their 22 year age difference and thinks 
Drew would regret going out with her.

Drew is persistent. He shows up unexpectedly at her Bingo Night, 
grabs the microphone and announce that he likes Celia 
and he doesn't care what anyone else thinks about it.

Shirley played Drew Carey's girl friend for 
two more follow-up episodes before the characters decided to break up.

At the taping of the third episode, I made some notes of the 
Funny Bloopers
that occurred during that filming.
Click Here
to enjoy them.

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