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The 67th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade
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It originated from the famous old
Paramount Studio Lot

At Gower St. and  paramount.jpg (9614 bytes) Melrose Avenue

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Our two favorite photos. When Shirley and Marty saw our little group in the stands,
Marty waved "Hello" and Shirley blew kisses.

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The first celebrity float of the evening was called Christmas Morning
with Donny and Marie Osmond and that big yellow bear.
The Clydesdale Horses are always beautiful and
Bear in the Big Blue House was adorable.

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Shirley looks pretty happy but she was actually not all that crazy about being out in the cool night air
for over two and a half hours. But of course, she waved and smiled and made the best of it.
And don't they look great!

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The story behind that big white bear is that Marty had planned to 
give it to parade hostess Tawny Little. It was planned that they would stop in front of the 
announcers booth and chat a minute with Alex Trebek and Tawny.
They never really stopped so Marty just tossed it out of the car as they drove along the route.
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There was even a small script arranged. Alex was to ask Marty 
what fabulous present he has bought for Shirley and he would then mention 
their Edelweiss Candy Story in Beverly Hills.
When asked what she would like for Christmas this year Shirley was to reply that 
she'd like Marty to actually pay for their candy store in the heart of Beverly Hills! 
Well, anyhow, that never happened. (Shirley and Marty no longer own the Candy Store in B.H.)
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If you caught the parade on television, you know that many of the microphones 
had not been working very well that evening. 
But then again, if you listen to this clip from the telecast,
it seems that maybe Shirley had something to do with their change of dialogue?

Click hear soundfile.gif (538 bytes) for the sound file from the Parade

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