Shirley has been involved with the promotion of
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  a wealth of  wonderful products over the years.WB01210_.gif (23748 bytes)
I will begin this new section of Shirley's Home Page with what she is currently involved in today.
There are links to company
Web Sites  where available.
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CLIENT1.jpg (12012 bytes)CLIENT2.jpg (10858 bytes)
Kathy Wolfe from "The Home Shopping Club",
& Pat Riley, President of "Clientele Cosmetics" with Shirley in 1999

CLIENT3.jpg (11032 bytes)
This photo is from Shirley's Clientele Infomercial
How does Shirley's skin stay so young and beautiful?
She has never had any surgery and yes, she does look just fabulous at 66!
Shirley is now the grandmother of six and she is always very proud to tell you that!
WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)
Shirley actually discovered Clientele's wonderful skin care line15 years ago while shopping at
Neiman Marcus of Beverly Hills. Shirley has been a loyal user ever since.
When Pat Riley, Clientele's President  (also a big fan of Shirley since The Music Man)
heard that Shirley was raving about their products, Pat asked Shirley if she would like to
try their new line called "Time Therapy".
Shirley was delighted by the offer.
WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)
Clientele's new age defying line of products was
developed by dermatologist, Dr. Loretta Pratt, based on the beautiful Sacred Lotus Flower.
Shirley will tell you that her skin looks and feels 15 years younger.
If you would like to try Time Therapy, take this link to or call 1-800-327-4660

BS00044A.gif (2229 bytes)Everything-4-LessBS00612A.gif (1917 bytes)

Shirley Jones, Marion Ross, and Florence Henderson
are promoting this new online shopping network.
e4l.jpg (22167 bytes)

They can be seen nation wide on a new infomercial. Take this link   to the E4L Web Site

mouse.jpg (12573 bytes) Mannheim Steamroller
Meets The Mouse!
A fabulous collection of Famous Disney Tunes orchestrated with the magic touch of
Chip Davis and The Mannheim Steamroller ensemble.
My favorite cut on this new CD is "When You Wish Upon A Star".
(It's true that Shirley always sings this tune during her stage show) SY00777A.gif (782 bytes)

Shirley also promotes the     amcpass.jpg (4728 bytes)
"Sunday Movie Classics" on AG00093_.gif (497 bytes)

Here is a link to one of Shirley's  SUNBEAM advertisements.

Celebrity Product Endorsement scholls.jpg (10061 bytes)
It's been around awhile. This is Shirley in 1955.
The caption reads: Shirley Jones, star of "Carousel" and "Oklahoma"  
relaxes in her Dr. Scholl's Arch-Lift Sandals. 
"Real Comfortable"
says Shirley. She has two pairs.

There's much more to be added to this page.
Check back from time to time

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