Shirley's Early Career 
The Pittsburgh Playhouse
Broadway !

Fun Fact  
"Did you know that Shirley lived in a sorority house
near the Pittsburgh campus when she was 18?"

Shirley's very first stage performance at the famed Pittsburgh Playhouse
was in the musical  "Best Foot Forward"  Shirley played the role of Ethel.

 That's Shirley on stage at the Playhouse in 1953
 ("Best Foot Forward")

 Her next Playhouse assignment was for a musical revue.
Shirley and John Geary in "Three to One"
 Shirley is listed as the "Engenue Lead".
The show had a four week run.


 Here is a copy of Shirley's program from her first
appearance with the
Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera


This is a wonderful rare photograph of Shirley and Sari Price.
They met and became great friends during their run with the musical show
"Me and Juliet"
Sari was also Shirley's bridesmaid at her wedding to Jack Cassidy.
They remain best friends to this day.

When Rodgers and Hammerstein first discovered Shirley they felt she needed 
more professional experience before they could cast her in their film version of

(early magazine publicity photo)

Shirley was given the role of a nurse in the chorus of
"South Pacific"
on Broadway
which earned her a very respectable
one hundred and twenty dollars a week in 1953!

She then went on to play the lead in R&H's "Me and Juliet"
before filming her first major motion picture "Oklahoma!"

  Jack Cassidy
On their European Tour of "Oklahoma!"

Shirley filmed the movie version before going on tour.
As her book states, she eagerly accepted a two-for one offer.
Tour Europe with the play and promote her soon-to-be-released feature film.

She also fell in love with her leading man while on tour.
These fabulous photos are from the Paris program.

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