checkmrk.wmf (758 bytes)A little about me.
(and more about Shirley)
Shirley Jones has always been at the Top of the list
in terms of celebrities who posses the combination of
talent and kindness.
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That's me, the year that I first saw Meredith Willson's
"The Music Man
" on the big screen.
I've always been fortunate and I have parents that appreciate great talent.
They were already big fans of the Rodgers and Hammerstein Musicals when I was born.
My first record albums were their copies of
"Oklahoma", "Carousel",  and Frank Sinatra's"Love is A Kick"  (LP).
To this day, these vinyl discs remain extra special and in pretty good condition
for all the wear and tear of being played continually.

sjandme.jpg (11747 bytes)
Photo taken of us on the set of "The Real Me"
which is an excellent biography about Shirley Jones.

I'm so grateful that today I can say I still hold this lady in the highest regard.
Besides designing this site devoted to Shirley, I am a wife and mother. An actress in the 70's
and I majored in Music at college. I have also done extra work.
2016 Update
I have been happily working at 
The WILDLIFE LEARNING CENTER in southern California
for the past few years. It's a wonderful sanctuary for animals.
Take a look!

 I've performed in a number of musical plays with
The Canyon Theatre Guild of Santa Clarita

We did a bawdy western musical comedy titled "Sagebrush" and got the
cover of the local Entertainment section. That's me all the way to the left.

I've also been a proud member of 
"The Voices Of The Canyon"
  C.O.C. college choir in Santa Clarita, Calif.

I had a brief career in the 70's. An agent, the unions, the works.
I was in "Commercial Actor" magazine for a photographer. (Above)
Below: Fresh out of high school, I was cast as the lead in a play. It was great fun.

I also did a kids movie, "Yellow Butterfly", with actor Sparky Marcus
and became a dues paying member of  The Screen Actors Guild.

 News Press article. (San Fernando Valley Newspaper)

deepi.jpg (9679 bytes)

I filmed  "Deep Impact" as an extra.
The Spielberg movie that was released spring of '98.
It's now out on video tape. If you watch very carefully --
you will probably miss me as I run by in the forest scenes at the finale.

dI2.jpg (2776 bytes)dI3.jpg (7309 bytes)dI1.jpg (4240 bytes)DIcoach.jpg (6421 bytes)
A couple of shots from our location in the forest, outside of  Los Angeles.

The first photo is what I took to the casting call, but that next photo was taken by
a fellow extra on the third day. The majority of Extras rarely get any close-up shots.
Still, to be realistic, they do put makeup all over our faces, arms and legs.
That way if the camera caught us racing by, we'd look pretty beat up from
frantically running to escape the tidal wave caused by the giant 500 billion ton comet that hits earth.
It does not show up very well in the photo, but I had what looked like a split lip and scrapes
and bruises all over my arms and face. I went home that way the first night and spooked the family!

In the second photograph, toward the back, you can see the large wind machine
used for effect as we all ran frantically through the traffic jam of cars on the highway.
It was fun! That last picture is the film crew's food truck.

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