ABC's Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.
March of 2001, Stars from classic television played for their favorite charity.
Danny has won a quarter of a million dollars for 
The Children's Miracle Network!

 Center photo Danny gets a hug from Florence Henderson as his wife Gretchen looks on.

 February 19th 2001 on "Entertainment Tonight".
Danny Bonaduce, his wife Gretchen and their six year old daughter Isabella 
welcomed a new baby boy into their family. Count Dante, was born by induced labor 
on Valentine's Day, Feb 14th. He was born around 7:30pm.
The labor was filmed for a program by
The Learning Channel.
Be sure to watch for "A Baby's Story". The film crew followed Danny 
and family through the last weeks of their pregnancy and into the delivery room!

The proud father - Big sister meets her new brother - Overjoyed parents!

You may have seen Danny just recently on "Jay Leno's Tonight Show".
He took part in a spoof of  the TV Show "Survivor".
Danny and several other stars including Florence Henderson and Dawn Wells
played "Hollywood Survivor" 
Danny voted himself off the game on the February 16th telecast!

Danny Bonaduce DBGB4.jpg (5845 bytes) his lovely wife Gretchen
and their dog Sid, share their Hollywood Hills Home.
DBHOME3.jpg (10519 bytes)DBHOME1.jpg (10252 bytes)
Danny finally has a house on the hill and he deserves it. This home cost him
exactly 1 million and he bought it the minute he laid eyes on it, without even showing his
wife Gretchen. But she loves it too, and has done all of the interior decorating.

DBHOME2.jpg (12880 bytes)DBHOME4.jpg (10087 bytes)
Gretchen's favorite part of the house is the front room and dinning area because
of those fabulous large picture windows that let in so much sunlight.

DBGBSID1.jpg (10841 bytes)DBSID.jpg (9884 bytes)
That's their little Chinese Crested dog Sid. Gretchen said:
"Everybody relax, he's supposed to look like this" and Danny added that
people often ask "Oh, What Happened?".
(I think he's adorable!)

DBPIANO1.jpg (9718 bytes)DBTABLE.jpg (12716 bytes)DBKITCH.jpg (9282 bytes)
They have a baby grand piano and fifteen guitars! Danny quipped that he's keeping with
his Partridge Family theme, he's got a lot of musical instruments and absolutely no musical ability.
Gretchen picked out that pastel colored table for the dinning room, but it was much too small.
She simply ordered a large piece of glass to lay across the top and it became just prefect for when
they have family and guests over to dinner. To the right, is a photo of their shining chrome kitchen.

DBPHOTOS.jpg (8556 bytes)DBMAG.jpg (8336 bytes)
The Bonaduce house is complete with a photo wall that includes all of the
terrible tabloid stories written about Danny when he was not doing very well
back in the 80's. "Partridge Family Kid, A Funny Felon" is what that one reads!

DBPATIO.jpg (14049 bytes) Gretchen and Danny DBGB3.jpg (9194 bytes)
This is Danny's favorite spot and you can certainly see why.
What a great view and as he pointed out, he has a telescope
to spy on all his neighbors. Danny joked that the house has a dead Greek motif.
You can see one of them in the entry way behind the Bonaduce's.

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