"Cover Me" on the USA Network. 
Shirley guest starred in a two part episode titled
Mother's Day  
Part One was shown on  Sunday, January 14th
Part Two Sunday January 21st. (2001)
Shirley played the widow of a Mafia Don and she loved the script! 

Shaun Cassidy, Shirley's son, is the series creator
and he wrote many of the shows scripts 
(the show premiered March 2000). 
His USA program was based on the life of a real FBI family. 
The series was created for USA/Universal. 

This was an exciting and very dramatic part for Shirley. In the photos above
her character Mary enjoys a dance with series star Peter Dobson.
He played the lead role of Danny Arno, undercover intelligence agent for the FBI.

A somber moment.  
 Mary learns that her ruthless son has just murdered a man 
and taken over his Las Vegas casino.

She takes matters into her own hands in a very unexpected way.
Mary shots her own son to prevent him from killing again!

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