March 5th - Glendora, California

This was the final show of  the tour. Don Knotts had originally been scheduled to appear.
Sadly, he was too ill to take part in the first shows and as you know, Don Knotts passed
away on February 24th. He will be missed. He was the very first celebrity I ever met.
I was only three at the time and really can't recall, but my Dad told me all about it.

Don with best friend Andy Griffith at a "TVLAND" event.

Dom DeLuise stepped in and filled some mighty big shoes. He was wonderful.
He told some very funny stories and chatted with the audience. This was my
first chance to meet him. I just love him, he's so kind. The very first photo is of
someone else who I'm just crazy about. That's Ron Abel seated at the piano.
Ron is Shirley's awesome musical director for most of her concerts.



Bill Hayes and The Horace Heidt Orchestra began the program and Dom finished up the first act.
After Intermission, Ventriloquist Willie Tyler & Lester entertained the crowd for a half hour.

Then Shirley wrapped up the afternoon performance with a fabulous concert of her favorite songs.
She got really revved up for her rendition of "You Made Me Love You". The audience loved it.

Shirley and I think it would be a nice idea to work up a concert page with some video clips
of her singing and talking to the audience. Not everyone has the chance to get to a concert.



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