The Partridge Family Bubble Gum Cards

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These 10 examples are from the 1st season and they are the 1st group of cards issued for the TV program.
There were several sets of cards issued. The back of the cards have further information,
lyrics from their songs, or a piece of the Big Picture!

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For instance, on the back of Shirley's card that reads : "Cooking For the Family",
there is some incorrect biographical information about her.
This card reads that Shirley was born in Smithton Pennsylvania.
(She grew up there, but was born in Charleroi, PA.)

On the back of the bubble gum card for David Cassidy that announces: "Doing His Thing",
It tells us that David is a Musician and was a perfect choice for the role of Keith Partridge.
(I think we all agree on that!)

The card with Danny Bonaduce and David has the lyrics to:
"I Really Want To Know You"
& Finally, what I was referring to when I mentioned "the big picture".

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Each group of cards, and I believe there are three sets in all, have a large puzzle of the family
on the backside that you could put together if you collected
all the cards in the set.
"Family Portrait" has this puzzle piece of David Cassidy's mouth on the back of it.

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