Shirley's First Horror Movie! 
Filmed June of 2002

Shirley plays the ghost of Charlotte

In makeup on the 16th of June. They shot several scenes that evening at
 the trailer park location they rented in 29 Palms, California.

My slide show
  taken Monday, June 17th, 2002
at The Casablanca Studios in Desert Hot Springs, Ca.

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Shirley recorded some very unearthly screams that morning!
 Some of us were a little bit worried about all the screaming but of course  Shirley is a pro
and she has learned to place her voice so that she will not seriously damage her vocal chords.
As she told director Christopher Coppola when they wrapped the studio portion,
"If you want really good screams, hire a singer"

In other pictures you see Shirley discussing the mood of the scene with Coppola.
Shirley signing their Studio Star Wall and that last photo is the studio dog named Pugsly.
He was having fun racing past the green screen. The next day, Shirley used a smaller green screen
at the trailer park location for the filming of the gruesome scene in which she is murdered.

"Bloodhead" produced by Richard Prince

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