Bear Valley Community 
Healthcare District Foundation

Marty was hilarious in his comedy routine that opened the show 
& Shirley sang with her usual perfection for the second half of the evening.
They both gave excellent top notch performances at the Performing Arts Center
 in Big Bear Lake, Ca. on September 29th. They also enjoyed mingling with 
friends and guests after the show at the lovely 

Vintage Restaurant.
It's right at the waters edge. 
The weather was a comfortable 80 up at the lake during the day 
and a very pleasant cool evening. I think everyone was having a great time. 

Theater patrons were offered the chance to enter a raffle before the show 
and during intermission. For only 5 dollars you could bid on the scrumptious, 
long, black cashmere jacket that this lady is wearing in the photo above. 
They raffled off a pair of tickets for the PAC's upcoming production of 
"My Fair Lady", which also included dinner for two at the Vintage
There was an opportunity to win a beautiful oil painting of an American Eagle,
and finally tickets for the official grandstand seating at the next 
Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade. 

Shirley closed her concert with a very moving rendition of  John Lennon's 
"Imagine" which transitions so beautifully into "God Bless America".
Not a dry eye in the house! I have a video clip from rehearsal.
 The clip from the actual performance was too washed out due to the 
various light changes going on during the concert.
Please click on the  spinning note to run the video.
It will take a little time to load.

Shirley said many times throughout the day that she really 
loves working up in Big Bear because it always feels like home.

Of course she does have a fabulous house in the area.
Even Marty who used to get restless at the higher altitude of the mountains 
is beginning to enjoying himself more these days. 
It was wonderful to see them so relaxed.

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