"This Is Your Life: Shirley Jones"
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March 31st, 1971
It was a  regular working day, even though it was also Shirley's 37th birthday.
The cast of  The Partridge Family had assembled on a sound stage in Burbank, California.
Shirley and David are seen here singing along to a pre-recorded version of
"I Think I Love You" (which is found on the first Partridge Album).
This was to be a  promotional TV spot  to advertise the release
of their second Bell Reports, Partridge Family Album "Up To Date"

Enter Ralph Edwards?

and that puzzled look on Shirley's face.
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tl3.jpg (20738 bytes) Ralph presents Shirley with a beautiful
charm bracelet for her birthday, however by now, Shirley has most likely noticed
that he also has a small scrapbook 
tucked under is left arm .....

"Shirley Jones, tlohno.jpg (15447 bytes) This Is Your Life!"
The first words out of her mouth, "Jack Cassidy! I'm going to kill you!"
She had no idea that this was about to happen!

For the next hour, Shirley listened and tried to identify familiar voices from her past that were 
broadcast over the studio speakers. A former vocal coach from high school. Her mother Marjorie,
and many friends and relatives who had been flown in from Pennsylvania to help celebrate.
(Shirley's father had passed away in 1958)
Of course, Jack Cassidy and their three children, Shaun, Patrick and Ryan Cassidy
were all waiting back stage to come out and wish Shirley a very

Happy Birthday.
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