The High School Days
sjred_mj.jpg (15799 bytes)
Shirley and her friend Charlotte as Majorettes at South Huntingdon High School
in Pennsylvania. Charlotte's nickname is Red, for her red hair, and she is the same
friend who took part in the fire-alarm pulling episode that you may have read about in
Shirley and Marty's great autobiography. Chapter 5 - "Keeping Up With the Joneses"
As I've already mentioned on the current news page of Shirley's Web site, their 1989 book,
titled "Shirley and Marty, an Unlikely Love Story" will be made into a TV movie.
Both Shirley and Marty are involved with the creative control.

alarm.jpg (10693 bytes) After landing the coveted role of Laurey Williams in
Rogers and Hammerstein's first big screen musical production of "Oklahoma", Shirley returned home
to a triumphant welcome. This is a photograph that a magazine reporter snapped of Shirley and Red
recreating their notorious fire house adventure. This was about 10 years after the fact.
Shirley was nine at the time of the incident, and Red is one year older than Shirley.

Here is a photo of four of the majorettes. lineup.jpg (19167 bytes) Shirley is the one to the far left. 
All the signatures from friends said something like: To a Swell Girl, to a Pretty Blonde,
a Great Head Majorette, and of course to a girl with a terrific singing voice!

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