examine.wmf (7542 bytes)Rumors?

There is a Left Handed Celebrity Web Site which lists wwrecept.jpg (7869 bytes)
Shirley Jones, but as you can see she is right handed.
(maybe it's for a different Shirley Jones?)

WB01152_.GIF (2667 bytes) Truths

If you have done any Web Searching for items about Shirley Jones,
(Shirley Mae Jones)
You have probably come across some fairly odd finds!

She is constantly being credited for Movies, and even records done
by other ladies with the same name.

JENNY.jpg (8616 bytes)

One example is a Movie titled "The Girl In Room 20".
This movie was made when Shirley was a twelve year old girl
goofing around in Smithton Pennsylvania.
EN00559A.gif (1867 bytes)
There is an album you can order over the Internet and it's Titled:
"Always In The Mood" by Shirley Jones -- That's a 
Shirley I. Jones!
-- Not this Shirley M. Jones.

dress1.jpg (4822 bytes) Phony photos are out there too. That's Shirley & this is a dress she has
owned, but you are looking at two separate photos. Beware of  the Web.
WB01448_.gif (2170 bytes)

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