"Manna From Heaven"
from Five Sisters Productions

Relaxing with her co-stars on location.
All Photos courtesy of Five Sisters Productions and Ojeda Films Inc.
These pictures have high resolution which makes them just fabulous. 
But they will take a little bit longer to load, be patient.

The movie is written by Gabrielle B. Burton and produced by 
Five Sisters Productions, of Santa Monica, California.

Shirley plays a scoundrel named Bunny in this film.
She really enjoyed the part of a con artist in this comic crime spoof
that co-stars Cloris Leachman, Frank Gorshin,
Shelly Duvall, and Wendie Malick, from TVs "Just Shoot Me".  
 Actresses Louise Fletcher, Jill Eikenberry, Fay Grant and actors 
Phil LaMarr, Harry Groener, Austin Pendleton and Mark Ethan. 

Filming took place in and around the city of Buffalo, New York. 
Some film locations included the Albright-Knox Art Gallery,
the Buffalo-Niagara Airport, Salvatore's Italian Gardens and Mason Manor 
(Gumball Mansion, built by the inventor of the Gumball Machine)

On the lobby staircase of Buffalo's historic Shea Theatre.
This lovely photograph was taken during a break between takes.

Shirley has mentioned a number of times that she thoroughly enjoyed working on this movie.
Jennifer Burton, Five Sister Productions and Sandra Luckow, President of Ojeda Films Inc.
have given Shirley's web site these marvelous photos taken on location
during the filming of "Manna from Heaven" in Buffalo, New York.
Sandra Luckow also made a wonderful documentary about Five Sisters Productions,
and the making of this terrific film.
 Please visit the web site for Five Sisters Productions

Ed (Frank Gorshin) Bunny (Shirley Jones) and Helen (Cloris Leachman)
The trio learns that they must now come up with a large sum of money 
that they received thirty years earlier!

Bunny Burns (Shirley) and Helen (Cloris) try to avoid a confrontation with 
Two Digit Doyle
(Austin Pendleton) at the convalescent home in a screen from
"Manna From Heaven"

Shirley and co-stars prepare for a scene in which
money is thrown from this Lincoln convertible!

Thanks Again to Five Sisters Productions and also
to Ojeda Films Inc. for your contributions to Shirley's Home Page.

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