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October - 8th and 9th - 1999

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"Love Letters" is a very funny and poignant two character play by A.R. Gurney.
Melissa Gardner and Andrew Makepeace Ladd III convey their
lifetime of friendship and love. Each character reads their own letters aloud.
Their story covers a span of 50 years and the play begins when they are in grammar school.

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Their childlike letters turn to those containing the anxiety and angst of adolescence, school dances, the first kiss.
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Melissa and Andy, as lifelong friends, entrust each other with their most intimate encounters.
Each of their letters express another stage of their lives with vivid detail.
Sometimes humorous, other times sorrowful.

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Both characters marry and raise families while they continue to write to one another.
Melissa is a free spirit and an artist and more tormented by her emotions. Andy is the exact opposite.
He's logical, well-organized and very rational by comparison.

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I will not reveal the ending for those who have not yet had the opportunity
to attend this fabulous stage play. It has been performed by many other celebrities as well.

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However, Shirley and Marty, as real life partners, bring something extra special to these roles.
They have performed "Love Letters" at The Allenberry Playhouse in Boiling Springs, Pa. (1994)
They also took the play on the road, for a 1996 tour in many Northern California Cities.

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