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The Deli Buffet @ the Student Center
(following the lecture, from 2:30 to 4:00 p.m.)

This was a small gathering limited to the first 20 patrons who bought a ticket.
Deli sandwiches, potato salad, and soft drinks were served while Shirley and Marty
posed for photos, signed programs, and talked and joked with the friendly group of guests

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Marty and Shirley had a fun time.
As you can see, Marty was energized and expressive. 

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Several people asked Shirley and Marty's opinion on how to get into show business.
That's always a tough question, they don't want to discourage anyone,
yet they did point out that it's a rough business. The reality is that for every working actor,
there are so many thousands, who are out of work. Best advice is to study your craft,
get out there do as much as possible, including community theatre and of course be sure that
when you try to go out an get an agent, they are franchised by the Screen Actors Guild.

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The young lady in the photo to the right, has aspirations of being a musical actress.
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These are a few photos that I took of some of the nice folks who attended the buffet.

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