Filming the Promotional Documentary
& Shirley's Trip to Casablanca Studios to SCREAM!


 Coppola can always make Shirley laugh. She had a great time working with him.
 Here they are chatting before the filming began that afternoon.

Actor/comedian Charles Fleischer (Roger Rabbit) interviewed Shirley
for the documentary/promo. It was hilarious. Their lively conversation ranged from
Shirley's career, to the making of "Bloodhead" and poking fun at Chris Coppola.

They even got me into the act. Charles asked to see Shirley's Academy Award so she asked me to
run inside and bring it out. The next thing I know, I'm on camera delivering the statue to Shirley. 
It was a comical afternoon & this became a running gag.
Shirley would mention something and Charles Fleischer would look off camera and call out:
"Janet, can you bring that over here"
Fun time! I'll work up a video and more still photo for next week.

The interview took place in Shirley and Marty's delightfully decorated yard and it was a glorious day
to be outside. The weather gave us a break from the heat wave we've been having all summer.

Marty's frog band by the pool.    All sorts of fun sculptures adorn the yard.

Click Here
for information and to view the photos I took
on location with Shirley last summer out in 29 Palms, California.

 Casablanca Studios, Desert Hot Springs.
Please click on this photo.
Shirley recorded some ghastly screams for her character Charlotte.

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