"That '70s Show"

Filming  took place on August the 3rd,   
At CBS Studio Center.

If  you take Gilligan's Island to Gunsmoke Ave., and turn left, 
You'll end up in the 70's!

 Charo on the set receiving some last minute direction before another take.
Shirley and Charo are in the same segment which lasts for only a few minutes.
To the right is Debra Jo Rupp. She plays Kitty Forman, the mother on the series.

The dream sequence dance number took lots of time to set up and shoot. 
I lost track of how many takes they ended up filming.
In the first photo above, Laura Prepon, who plays Donna Pinciotti, 
stands patiently on her mark waiting for the next shot.  
In the third photo she is standing with Topher Crace. His character is Eric Forman.
 For those of you who may not be familiar with the show, Eric is Donna's boyfriend.

Danny Masterson, in purple with that groovy afro hair cut has the role of Steve Hyde, 
one of Eric's best friends. Lisa Robin Kelly (center) plays the part of Laurie, Eric's sister.

This cameo portion of the show, that you will see on October 17th, 
took over three hours to complete.
The man with the tape measure is working on the lighting. 

Edward (above) was the stand-in for several people, including Shirley and Charo!
Most of the time was spent setting up lighting and camera angles for this segment.

Shirley and Charo spent much of the morning watching from the sidelines.
Shooting even a brief segment such as this takes quite a long time.

 Shirley and a few cast members standing in the shadows, while the crew and the 
shows creators are hard at work on every last detail of this production.
The photo on the right is a long-shot of the colorful backdrop being used that day.
 If you look to the right (in that photo) you can see some of the audience bleachers
that are filled on Fridays for their normal taping day. 
This cameo was shot on Thursday, the day before the live audience portions of this 
episode were filmed. The lamp light that you see in the right hand lower corner, 
is from the Forman families front room facade.
(Now say that last sentence five times, fast!) 

Many "70s Show" viewers will recognize this veneer as the 
basement setting where the kids all like to hangout.
Their sound stage at Studio Center uses every inch of space for 
"That '70s Show".

It's extremely authentic. A black light glows in Eric's room. 
Big, purple glass grapes sit on the coffee table in the living room. 
The shag carpet, yellow refrigerator and all of the furniture represent a 
perfect nostalgic trip back to the 1970s. 

Actor Kurtwood Smith, who plays Red Forman, the family's father, 
was the first cast member that Shirley introduced me to. He's terrific.
The entire cast is ideal and what great chemistry they have!
They certainly deserve all of the success and praise that this show has received.

Charo and Shirley during a break. 
Don't they look marvelous! 
They both had a nice time working on their guest appearance. 

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Tanya Roberts and Don Stark play the roles of
Midge and Bob Pinciotti
(Donna's folks)
Eric's other friends are played by Actress Mila Kunis, as Jackie.
Actors Ashton Kutcher, as Michael Kelso
and Wilmer Valderrama plays the role of Fez.
(They were not in the scene with Shirley and Charo)

Take the Forman Families
Orange, Shag Carpet

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