Celebrating The 4th of July at Shirley and Marty's 

 Tables were decked out in every kind of
 4th of July decoration that  you can imagine.
Confetti, paddle ball games, yo-yos, poppers and more! 

Their fabulous party began at two p.m. 
As each guest entered the house they were handed 
a raffle ticket with a number.

Later in the day, whenever Marty drew your number from a hat, 
you were allowed to grab a big
Red White & Blue mesh bag 
and head over to several tables filled with personal items 
that Shirley and Marty no longer wanted to keep. 
A television set, radios, clocks, jewelry, video cassettes and books. 
Clothing, luggage, purses, even a few bottles of  
very nice cologne and perfume.
They wanted everything to go because of their  upcoming move!

That's my oldest son.  
He's choosing a video tape to take home.
Shirley's son Ryan Cassidy arrives with his girlfriend. 
Here you see Marty holding up   two different caps 
 he had ordered for this occasion. One cost $3.00 the other $30.00.

When Marty came around to your table,  if you could guess which one
 was which, you'd  received a five dollar bill.

No, that's not a real raccoon in the tree. Shirley and Marty have many cute
sculptured creatures adorning their lush green backyard.

The Game Room was popular with the younger guests. Although I must admit 
that the adults enjoyed all the arcade games just as much.
My middle son is helping a young man with some instructions,
 while my youngest plays a round of video poker.

 Shirley's good friend Trish, also her sound and lighting engineer at concerts,
arrives and receives a big hug from Shirley. 

I had not seen Ron Abel, Shirley's magnificent musical director
 in about ten months! It was great to see him and get a big hug.


Shirley and Marty having  a conversation near the beautiful rock waterfall.
  In the second photo, Shirley, Trish and several other pals try to figure out
just how to stay afloat on that larger patriotic star raft. It wasn't easy!

Shirley and Marty were two of the first people to hop in the pool in the late afternoon.
I did not take very many photos after that because I jumped in also. Sun dress and all!

This sweet little dog is Shirley and Marty's Lu Lu.
As you can see from this photograph, Lu was put in charge of Security.
(She is named after Shirley's award winning character Lu Lu Bains from Elmer Gantry)
Their adorable cat Peanut was no where around. He was hiding!
I'm sure he was not crazy about having so many people at his house.

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That's Buff playing with Shirley.
Buff was a stray adopted by the Ingels about six months
after their move to the new  house. He's such a sweet dog!