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Sunset in the San Bernardino Mountains

Shirley and Marty were on the go for the 2005 holidays
Big Bear on the west coast, New York in the east and back again to California.

Shirley flies, but Marty takes the train. He does not like to fly
& when they have the time, they go together on the train.

Shirley and Marty spent some time relaxing up at their beautiful mountain home
in the San Bernardino mountains. They attended a performance of the
Big Bear Performing Arts Center's
"A Christmas Carol".
After the show the Ingels went out for a few drinks with the cast and crew.

Marty is in the process of writing a one-man-show about his life.
This will be wonderful. Marty is having such a marvelous time with this project
and Shirley says that he has never been happier.


Shirley was involved with an on-air
satellite media tour for MSN-Shopping. Her promo sound bites
were heard from November to December 31st, 2005.
The promotional work was titled "The Mother of all Shopping"


Sunday, October 2nd
Shirley and Marty had a venders booth
at the Saugus Speedway Swapmeet!

Yes, even their custom-made padded director's chairs were for sale.
I was there for an hour, so I don't know if they ended up selling these.
Shirley and Marty have used them at numerous speaking engagements.

This 16 inch doll and Shirley's embroidered jacket were just
a couple of the many interesting items available at the table.


Marty closes a deal with this gentleman.
It was a very pleasant day for a swapmeet.
Reportedly things sold quite well.
I hope you got a chance to come out to visit.

September 23rd, 2005
Another outstanding performance!

Big Bear Lake California's "Festival of Jazz - 2005"

Shirley received a surprise visit from her second cousin Nancy. She is the lady in the tan jacket (center photo loop).
Unfortunately my husband did not get a close-up. In that large group shot, she's the lady just behind Shirley.

Pictured in the smaller group photo with Shirley:
Trish, Shirley's wonderful lighting and sound engineer at all concerts.
Seated is Bob Estes, Shirley's fine piano accompanist for the evening (and yeah that's me).
Comedian Nick Arnette opened the show at 7:30 with an hilarious half hour routine.

We toured Fawn Park (left) where they are just beginning to build a small stage that will be used by
Shirley and Marty & many of the talented local entertainers. Right now it's just the foundation.

The third scrolling collage is our visit to The Moonridge Zoo. We never travel to Big Bear
without a visit to the Zoo! All of these animals were rescued from serious accidents.
Some had broken limbs while others, like the that beautiful bird, have lost their eye site.
It's a wonderful place. They are so good to all the creatures.


   September 2005 - Shirley's oldest son Shaun Cassidy premiered
his new science fiction series
"Invasion" Wednesday nights at 10 PM on ABC- TV




Fall 2005 - "Breaking Bonaduce" aired on VH1 as a reality show
that went into painful details about his drinking problem.
It was tough to watch. Danny, Gretchen and family
we all wish you love, hope and strength.

 Shirley participated in CNBC's
"The Big Idea" talk show.
It's hosted by Donny Deutsch.

Psychologists discussed Danny's new reality show and his
dangerous behavior. Shirley contributed by way of a phone call from her
home here in Southern California.

Danny was saying that he feels the need to make money. He worries about working
 and providing for his children's future. He never wants them to be homeless
like he was in the years following the end of "The Partridge Family".

Shirley reminded Danny that she loves him like a son and that he has a
beautiful family who cherishes and needs "him".
The money will always be less important.
Shirley reassured Danny that he is a very talented and wonderful person.

July 2005 at the Robinson Theatre where Shirley performed
with the
Reagle Players  in "Carousel"

Click on this photo of Shirley.
View photos from the show. Many Thanks to the
Reagle Theatre for sharing these with
Shirley Jones. Com

Shirley played the role of Julie Jordan's Aunt Nettie Fowler.
Shirley has several scenes and three great songs.
"June Is Bustin' Out All Over", "A Real Nice Clambake" and of course,
"You'll Never Walk Alone".
View or purchase great photos from this production
Click HERE


Garden Gove, California
Strawberry Festival 2005

On May 28th Shirley and Marty had some fun close to home.
In the nearby town of Garden Grove they took part in the annual Strawberry Festival.
Shirley, Marty (& me) would like to thank Jeffrey Kim and his wife Kathy for sharing their lovely photos!


at the Hilton Burbank Airport and Convention Center
     July the 30th and 31st 

Marty had a great time setting up the display tables on the evening of July 29th.

There were plenty of personal items on sale along with a dozen great photos for Shirley to sign.
Her neighbor to the left was Mickey Rooney. Suzanne, Brian and Scott
C'mon Get Happy.Com were at the table in front of us.
Check his web site for all things Partridge!

It was terrific seeing so many of
our web site friends at the show.

 Suzanne Crough (Tracy Partridge) & Brian Forster (Chris Partridge)
pose for a photo with Shirley on Sunday July 31st

To the  right, Partridge Family drum head and tambourine souvenirs.
These two kids had already gotten Suzanne and Brian's signature.
I snapped this photo as they stood in line waiting to get Shirley's autograph.


Shirley Jones and Marty Ingels:
" An Evening of Conversation and Laughter"

June 20th at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, California.
Visit the Alex Theatre web site

The Alex Theatre opened it's doors in 1925 as a Vaudeville theatre.
I remember it as a movie palace in the 60s and 70s. 
In 1992 this Los Angeles landmark was returned to it's
original glamour as a world-class performing arts center.

What a terrific evening at the theatre.

Shirley and Marty are so much fun when they just get out there on stage to
 talk casually to an audience. They had a fun time along with the crowd.

Marty opened the show by dancing out to the
"Austin Powers
" theme song and they closed the show
with a duet of the song "I'll Be Seeing You"
(Except Marty wrote up special comic lyrics).
I'm pretty sure this was the first time those two have ever done
a duet on stage & it was super. (I wish I had a recording for you)

They had a lovely time. Backstage Shirley always tells Marty to tone down certain jokes
because there may be kids in the audience. She was just off stage in the wings with Marty about to
announce her entrance. Marty glanced over with a mischievous look and asked
"Can't I tell the other joke?"

From off stage everyone could hear a very familiar voice forcefully say "NO!"
They are always such a hoot when they work live on stage.

We met a few people who are

regular visitors to this web site.
It was wonderful to put a face to the names.
Thank You for saying "Hello". It was an honor to meet you.


Shirley was thrilled to receive an honorary doctor of fine arts degree from
Washington & Jefferson College president Dr. Tori Haring-Smith.
She was honored at W&J's 206th annual commencement ceremony on May 21st, 05

Shirley never completed college because after auditioning for Rogers and Hammerstein
her career took off. The college is very close to her lovely hometown of Smithton, Pa.

This was Shirley's second trip to the area within the last month. 
Right in the middle of her filming schedule for "Hidden Places", she flew
back east for a family reunion. Several friends and relatives still live in or around
the Smithton, Charleroi, Washington area.
(an hour south/west of Pittsburgh)

Shirley and Marty attended an Aids Benefit at Diamond Point the beginning of February.
Shirley modeled a beautiful diamond necklace that sold for quite a bit and
Marty was the auctioneer.  It was an exciting and humorous event!

 The Ingels attended the opening of "Ethel Merman's Broadway"
at the El Portal theatre in Los Angeles. 
Rita McKenzie starred in the one woman show.
Shirley said that it's a marvelous tribute and she had a wonderful time.

 Shirley and Marty were on the east coast for Patrick's final performance of "42nd Street" and for
his birthday on January 4th. Since Marty does not fly they took Amtrak across country.
Shirley does fly of course, however the two of them try to take a trip together
on the train, about once a year.

  From the December 20th,  2004 "National Examiner"

Page 53 has an enjoyable articles and flattering photos.
I agree with Shirley that reality shows are just not very uplifting.  The search for the
new cast to revive The Partridge Family in the 21st Century only slightly resembled what we have
come to know as Reality TV.  Maybe some people thought that the competition would get nasty, but all of
the contestants were filled with good will for each other, both on stage and behind the scenes.
 It was tough to see them being eliminated because they were all so nice, talented and professional.

   The Search For
The New Partridge Family

Congratulations to Leland (Keith) Suzanne (Shirley) Emily (Laurie) Spencer (Danny)
(Chris) and Hanna (Tracy).

For a quick review of all the great contestants who
competed for a chance to become a Partridge.
Click on the original Partridges below

Click Here   

    Click on the groovy ceiling
The Partridge Family - VH1 set at Tribune Studios.
View more photographs from the
VH1 tapings that I attended  in Hollywood.

 The last of the photographs taken on October 17th,'04
before and after the final taping of the VH1 reality show "Search for The New Partridge Family".

 Some of Shirley's family members and friends are in this photo-loop. You'll notice her son Ryan
and Patrick Cassidy, two adorable grandchildren, and I'm not sure who the little girl is but she asked
 for an autograph from Shirley. Unfortunately, the only photo of David Cassidy is that blurry one
taken outside his dressing room. It was the busiest media day and everyone
kept to their dressing rooms until show time.

 A prank was played on everyone's dressing rooms before they arrived
for the final show. Shirley's was all cleaned up by the time I got there.
This is show-host Todd Newton's room.

UPDATE - The series debuted in January of 2005.
It did not get a great reception from the public. The New Series was a little too
edgy (or crude) for older  fans of the original series and it did not attract new viewers.

Shirley and Patrick gave countless interviews during 
 their Mother-Son Broadway run from May to August, 2004.
(Patrick will continue with the show until the end of the year)

To view the page with all of the
"42nd Street"
information, interviews, reviews, photo sessions,
parties and more ........

Click on the Radio!

Me and Shirley backstage after an awesome performance of "42nd Street".
 To view a brief video of fans getting autographs at the stage door


 A wonderful show! Shirley loved playing a domineering, rather spiteful,
 character. She commented to me that fans were not used to seeing her
 like that and that sometimes they were taken aback. She got to yell things
at the other characters like: "Shut Up!" and "Get out of my way!"

 Special Thanks to Marty Ingels
for providing this photo for the site!

We had hopped that this film was going to finally get a release to Theaters.
Unfortunately, that did not happen. It was only shown at film festivals around the country.
That is why this movie is being mentioned for 2004-2005 events, even though it was filmed in '03.

Wednesday, September 24th
Shirley taped a wonderful promo for her 1st horror film titled

The filming took place at her home on Sept.24th '03
Click on my photo of Shirley and Chris
to view the page devoted to that fun afternoon.

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