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Special Thanks to our friend Beth for sending the "Port Huron Times Herald" article
Shirley delighted the audience of 1,042 with her upbeat, lively concert performance.
Susan Davies of Kimball Township said to Shirley "You're an inspiration".
"You just feel energized and uplifted after these performances" said Marge Dever of Lexington.
Shirley was quoted as saying that "Keeping Happy" is her explanation for her ability to belt out
high notes more than 50 years after her Broadway debut and discovery by Rodgers and Hammerstein.

I second the congratulations!.....or third it? We love you Ed.  Shirley with Ed in '97

MANY THANKS to Shirley and Marty's publicist Ed Lozzi
for this photo of Shirley and Robert Goulet.
They had a wonderful Holiday concert tour
"Thanks" for all of the nice notes for Shirley. They were sent to her office.


On November 11th Shirley attended the "Monte Cristo" Awards
held at the Beverly Hills Hotel here in Southern California.

Karl Malden, 92, was the recipient of the award for his lifetime of work in the
Entertainment Industry. In the photo with Shirley are Karl Malden, Kirk and Michael Douglas.

Shirley was out of town the first few weeks of November. She performed a couple of concerts.
 She came home to attend the Monte Cristo awards and then began rehearsal and performances

 for her
Holiday Concerts  with Robert Goulet

Shirley spent most of October taping shows for VH1 at Tribune Studios in Hollywood.
She was a guest host along with David Cassidy and Danny Bonaduce for all six episodes of
"The Search For The New Partridge Family"


The AARP Magazine (March-April '05 issue)

 Shirley has a beautiful close-up photo on page 59
which includes a brief bio and her secret to happiness and staying beautiful.

The actual AARP photo shoot took place on October 8th, '04
at SMASHBOX STUDIOS in Culver City, Ca.

Oscar time again. The magazine had the wonderful idea to ask Shirley Jones and six other 
Oscar winning performers to pose for a session that celebrates Academy Award winning actress.
Shirley's session was with actress Patty Duke. The ladies were not all there at the same time.

The designer shoes cost from around five to six hundred dollars a pair!
Shirley's hair was spiked the same way that Patty has hers styled.
(She's toward the back getting a broach pinned on her gown).
Shirley had not worn 4 inch stiletto heels in quite a while and commented that
with the exception of publicity shots, she most likely would never wear them again!
The beautiful necklace that Shirley is wearing in the center photograph is worth $500,000.
Needless to say the jewelry was being watched carefully at all times.


Shirley wore a lovely dark brown crushed velvet outfit with matching jacket.
Patty had to leave early to catch a plane at LAX & Shirley continued the session.
For her solo shots Shirley's hair was tamed a bit. Both styles look fabulous.


       September 13th 2004
at the El Ray Theatre in Los Angeles
"A Family Thing 2"
Shirley made a guest appearance at this marvelous concert benefiting Billy Cowsill.
I regret that I was unable to attend due to an important prior commitment.
Check out the Official Cowsills Website  that is run by our friend Vicky.


The New York Friars Club honored Shirley Jones.

The salute to Shirley marked the clubs 100th birthday.
Shirley joined a list of honorees that include Jack Benny, Milton Berle,
Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Stewart and John Wayne.

Thanks to Shirley for the photo above. She is pictured with
her son Patrick Cassidy and daughter-in-law Melissa.

Shirley finished her three month run on Broadway in "42nd Street" on August the 8th.
She returned home to Los Angeles to relaxed for a few weeks at her mountain home
before she began the taping of The New
Partridge Family auditions on VH1.

The week of July 11th
Shirley was interviewed by Turner Classic Movies.
She's promoting their October "Spotlight of the Month".
The focus is a look at the connection between Broadway musicals and movie musicals.

July 20th -
Shirley made an appearance at the
New York casting call for the VH1 Partridge Family production.

A photo loop I put together


Events from the first six months of 2004

Thursday - June 24th, 2004

It was a particularly fun evening at Sardi's restaurant. 
Manager Max Klimavictus unveiled the new caricature of Shirley
that was created by Richard Baratz. TV Crews and photographers were
on hand to catch Shirley autograph this very important addition to walls
of  the world famous Broadway restaurant.

She simply wrote:
"It's Lovely!  Shirley Jones"

"Extra Special Thanks" to Marty Ingels for this marvelous photograph!

holding her brand new caricature that will be displayed along with the rest of the family.
 L to R: David Cassidy (her stepson) Shaun Cassidy & Patrick Cassidy (two of Shirley's
three handsome sons) and of course that's their Dad, Jack Cassidy on the right.

According to Robert Osborne
in his Rambling Reporter column, this makes the Cassidy Clan
better represented on Sardi's walls than any other theatrical family!

June 29th - Shirley was interviewed on Tuesday afternoon
at the Omni Berkshire Place Hotel in New York City.

The taped interview was for A&E Biography.
As you all know, A&E did a wonderful job on Shirley's Biography in 2000.
The focus of this interview was to discuss Shirley's experience
working with Marlon Brando. They starred opposite each other
in the classic 1964 film "Bedtime Story" which also starred David Niven.

Photo from "Bedtime Story"
(Niven, Brando, Jones)

Marlon Brando passed away on July 1st at the UCLA Medical Center in California.
Shirley was interviewed last Friday for our local station
KNX Radio.

 favorite style of acting was actually comedy. Shirley mentioned this on
the  radio program and she commented on how happy and proud she was
to have had the opportunity to act with him in a classic comedy.

June 22nd, 2004.

"AFI 100 Years of Song" on CBS!

Shirley filmed a clip for the exciting all star ceremony which celebrated
America's Greatest Music in the Movies

If you missed it, click on the TV SCREEN below for a Video Clip.
If it jumps on the first play back, run it a second time. It should play straight through.

Shirley Jones and Hugh Jackman

(5 meg video clip)


Bob Hope would have been 101
  on May 29th, 2004  

As a longtime friend of the Hopes, Marty Ingels was invited to speak at the
dedication of the Bob Hope Burbank Downtown Post Office on that special day.
Shirley would have attended if she were not in New York performing in "42nd Street"
on Broadway. Along with Dolores Hope, and the Mayor of Burbank,
celebrities Lonie Anderson, Phyllis Diller and Angie Dickinson
(all dear friends of Bob and Dolores) were on hand to help with the ceremony.
Marty said jokingly in his wonderful raspy voice: "So now we've got
a Bob Hope Post Office. That makes 12 golf courses, 6 hospitals, 4 schools,
2 Zoos and a Post Office! Poor Dolores never gets anything named after her".

(& Don't forget the Bob Hope Burbank Airport Marty!)

Marty was honored to join the official celebrity dedication program.
I'm sorry that I was not able to be there to take photos for the site.

Shirley was interviewed on The Today Show May 10th along with
the rest of the cast of The Partridge Family (except for Susan Dey and Dave Madden) 

Click on the The Partridge Family Directors Chair
to view our video clip from the Today Show appearance. (3.8 meg)

The Smithsonian Institute - Washington DC

Several famous TV Lunch Boxes were inducted into the Smithsonian Institute
during a presentation that Shirley attended on April 13th, 2004.
"The Partridge Family"
lunch Box was inducted along with  'Lassie", "Lost In Space",
"The Harlem Globetrotters",  "Gunsmoke" , "Happy Days" and "Knight Rider"
Shirley treated the crowd at the museum to a chorus of "Come On Get Happy".
Then she made this statement:
"They have relics here.
I have finally become a relic in the Smithsonian"

Click on this photo of Shirley 
 from her April 13th appearance and hear the audio. (4.0 meg)

Shirley also taped an entertaining video segment for the
PF Lunch Box's introduction into the museum.
It will be available for viewing at the exhibit.

over to our 
Partridge Family section for a look at the lunch box.

was interviewed by Ashley Banfield of CNBC.

For a film clip (4.7 meg) from the show, please click on this still frame below.

The interview took place in Boca Raton, Florida.
Ashley asked Shirley why people like to see actresses in uncharacteristic roles.
That was in reference to Charlize Theron's Oscar win for he movie "Monster" - 2004.
As you know, Shirley won her Academy Award for playing prostitute LuLu Bains in the classic film
Elmer Gantry. Shirley had only played the "Good Girl"  roles up until that time.
If the clip is jumpy the first time through, hit Refresh and play it again.

Shirley taped another batch of "Hollywood Squares"
 (February in Los Angeles, Ca.)
Here is a new video (6 Megs) from the program
that aired on television March 14th, 2004

Click on the photo above to view the clip.
If the first run is jumpy, just let it load up.
 Then hit Play a second time. It should work fine.


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