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Hello Friends. (webmaster Janet here)
Because of her ongoing support and philanthropy for
The Pittsburgh Opera, Shirley was honored May 18th 2019 at a beautiful
Gala Event. We sat on sage for dinner. And what a stage, what an opera house!
She is doing fine and beautiful as always at 85
My photos soon. Check for photos at


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I will always be grateful for the 10 incredible years
running Shirley Jones . com
and the 10 years designing Shirley Jones .net

I had the great honor of being able to travel around the country
for concerts, benefits, parades, awards, filming etc. Wow!

Our love to all her wonderful fans who she was so happy to MEET.

webmaster Janet Strauss

Shirley had a very nice79th Birthday weekend and spent time with family, sons and grandkids.
Her actual birthday date of March 31st once again fell on Easter Sunday last year.
In 2002 for Easter and her 68th Birthday she performed at the Hollywood Bowl.
CLICK HERE for a flash-back


Fun Flashbacks!

Shirley Jones at the age of 5, 6 and 8 years.
Shirley is with her cousin in that last photo. They are having fun at the
popular creek just outside of Smithton. Pa.


The Partridge Family Song most requested in our email.
Please Click on the directors chair below for a musical sample.
(This song was never officially recorded on an album. I think this is my all time favorite Partridge song)
more information about this great song and the Partridge Family episode it was from CLICK HERE



    Click over to TV GUIDE'S  website for a great clip of 
Shirley's guest appearance on
It's very funny,

You will love It!


Shirley also made a brief cameo guest spot on
The Tonight Show
December 16th.  It was for a
12 Days of Christmas spoof.
Of course Shirley was wheeled out on a pear tree float as The Partridge In A Pear Tree.
My photo is not that clear, but you get the idea. She'd holding on to the tree,
and you can see a pear.

Click on the Stars for TV-Now

They have a monthly schedule of Shirley's appearances.
To find out what movies she has been working on click to:

On June 26th 2011, Shirley and Marty were the judges for "BEST IN SHOW"
at the "Nuts For Mutts" celebration in Calabasas, Calif.

August 27th 2011 - Shirley took part in a very wonderful musical titled
The Real Love at the Pasadena Civic in Pasadena Calif.
She was part of the opening song and she also played the mother of
one of the main characters. The musical is based on the true life story of
Supreme Master and spiritual teacher CHING HAI
It was such an inspirational evening!

Shirley and her son Patrick Cassidy gave us an awesome Christmas Show
at the Performing Arts Center in Thousand Oaks California.

     Click on the photo of Patrick and Shirley for a slide show of my
pictures from the Thousand Oaks show. Shaun and Marty were there too as you will see.
(my husband took the photos)



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Shirley attended the opening of "South Pacific" at the Los Angeles Music Center.
She was also interviewed briefly for the ABC entertainment program
"On The Red Carpet". This is the only photo I have from the event.

Now available on DVD, Shirley's "Hidden Places".
She was nominated for an Emmy.


Grandma's Boy and Hidden Places

Please click on the
computer above


Me and Shirley and her handsome son Patrick Cassidy

Shirley filmed an interview with the BBC in mid March.
CLICK HERE for the video clip.

She was over in London performing at The Arts Theatre.
Patrick did half of the show about growing up a Cassidy and
Shirley finished up the hour and forth-five minute concert
with classic songs from her musicals and Broadway career.

Some of the critics were not too kind, but the fans were adoring.
Shirley had some vocal chord trouble due to too many shows without a break.
Patrick's theme was "What it was like growing up with two teen idol Brothers
(David, step-brother and Shaun) ."
He also has a younger brother
named Ryan who works mostly behind the camera. ran an article on their web site about
the turnout for Shirley's album (CD) signing in London.
Here is a quote from Shirley:
"It's incredible They never stop.
There've been cameras everywhere, even waiting outside my hotel.
It's amazing, to tell the truth. I wasn't sure people would
remember who I was. I'm shocked in a way"

You can go to the web site and read the entire article.
Search for "Shirley Jones" and the article titled:
Shirley Jones Shocked by Pop Star Treatment in London


courtesy of Shirley Jones

This is a snapshot  from 1955. Shirley had just completed her first
feature film "OKLAHOMA!" 
She traveled back to her hometown of Smithton, PA.
where she was  photographed for several magazines.
 As you can see in this picture she is standing in front of Stoney's Brewery.
Shirley's grandfather(Stoney) began the business in 1907.
It was later taken over and run by Shirley's father, Paul (left) and her Uncle to the right.

Here's a little trivia about "Oklahoma!
Back when it first opened in October of 1955 the New York
ticket price was $3.50. That was a lot for a movie back then!

 Candid photo of Shirley that I took at a dinner.
She just broke out in song. She's adorable!

Shirley and her friend Trish in Vancouver, B.C. -  May 26th 2009

Shirley signed my new Ukulele that I bought
at Tom Lee Music in Vancouver.
Shirley was up in Canada as a guest speaker at the Orpheum Theater.
The series was entitled "Unique Lives and Experiences of Famous Women".

 The beautiful Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro, Ca.
We spent the entire day at this marvelous old theatre built in 1931.

Shirley gave the OK to show a number of clips, including a few bloopers.
She knows that you all enjoy seeing the acting process.

Click Here
to view our video clips.


Click On The Radio to visit the theatres beautiful web site.

Along the same line as "That's Entertainment" this new
in-depth series will feature even more incredible clips and artists
from the entire Twentieth Century and on into the 21st!
Shirley filmed in various locations inside the Warner Grand.

"Our Thanks" to the folks from PBS, the Warner Theatre staff
and of course, the entire production crew.

Click  to view another page
devoted to this special series.


This photo of Shirley, Marty and me was taken on June 1st. 08
Shirley was a celebrity judge at the seventh annual
"Nuts for Mutts" dog show.

She was the judge for the Most Vocal category. Shirley is pictured here with
actress Dee Wallace Stone ("E.T.").
You can tell that they were having a great time.
HERE to visit the "Nuts for Mutts" web site.
I'm told they have more photos that they plan to post from this event.

Nicole Sullivan from "MAD TV" is interviewing the talkative winner.

Miss Pittsburgh - 1952
lifemag.jpg (20857 bytes)
On The Cover - February 6th, 1956

How Shirley characterizes herself.
(Click the photo above, audio only)

To hear Shirley sing her favorite song, click HERE

Click Here   video clip.

Shirley talks about her career and her accomplishments.

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View Shirley's Feature Films
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